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December 18, 2010

Hot Pieces of YouTube News

YouTube New Mobile Site Released to Support HTML5 Smartphone

YouTube just launched a new mobile website recently aimed at smartphones which support HTML5, for example, iPhone and Android etc.

According to the demonstration from news conference, the new website is quite similar with the previous YouTube mobile sites, with support to most functions of YouTube. Compare to the current application of iPhone and Android version YouTube, the new website provides better video quality and stable loading speed.

The website interfaces are also optimized to fit mobile phone’s screen well, so that the customers do not have to precisely hit the specific spot on the screen. Andrey Doronichev, the product manager of YouTube, even used his nose to operate!

YouTube Leanback Function Offers Effortless Viewing

According the recent news, YouTube has launched Leanback function which aims to put internet videos in a full screen and in high definition for more comfortable and advanced visual experience.

The product manager and engineer of YouTube said previously: “YouTube Leanback concept has been brewing for a long time in the company, but the time that needs to cooperate with the technology is just unpredictable.”

Leanback literally means leaning against the chair, and that is why YouTube wants to introduce this function so people can lie in the sofa and watch YouTube videos just like the way they watch TV series.

There is no mouse involved in this brand-new function, the simple keyboard command will do everything. Kuan Yong, the YouTube Leanback product manager describes this design as a breakthrough. The company also wants to extend the browsing time that customers usually spend on the site by introducing this function. Instead of average 15 minutes a day, 5 hours is expected.

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December 16, 2010

YouTube Supports 4K Resolution Video – Super Duper Clear!

Google has announced recently that YouTube is able to support the super-duper clear video with the unbelievable resolution up to 4K. 4K video means the video with resolution up to 4096×3072, which is four times higher than the currently used 1080p HD television.

In spite of the high cost of shooting and producing a 4K movie, YouTube never says NO to the video with the currently highest resolution, though the source of 4K video is extremely limited.

YouTube engineer says the perfect screen for 4K videos is 25 inch and it can be only played in digital cinema now. Therefore, 4K video obviously equals to the current IMAX movie which takes 2 projectors with 2K resolution to play it.

Wondering what exactly the 4K videos look like on YouTube? Check it now and download it to your computer with just a click!

In order to enhance your ultimate watching experience on YouTube, we have embedded a YouTube IMAX Promo Video here for you to enjoy the crystal clear picture and sound quality. Only one requirement for that, make sure your computer configuration is as higher as it can be!

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