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December 26, 2010

YouTube Elongates the Video Duration from 10 Mins to 15

According to the foreign media, YouTube announced recently that the video duration users can upload to the site is extended from 10 minutes to 15, which is 50% extended than the previous 10-min-restriction.

Google said today YouTube is going to hold a “yt15minutes” video competition, aims to encourage users to upload videos last for 15 minutes. The winner video will be displayed on YouTube homepage as a prize.

It is said that the changes YouTube made this time are not only for enlarging the site storage capacity, but also for strengthening the copyright management of website videos. Google indicated in the statement: “we spent a lot of energy creating Content ID video copyright management system. And this system is widely used by major U.S. music studios, record companies and other up to 1000 global partners to manage their content. This technological tool is getting more and more mature, and that is why we have the ability today to lower the limit about video duration. We will keep working on the more advanced technology to protect the rights of global copyright owners.”

According to the analysis, this extended video duration from YouTube will be definitely stimulative to the upcoming Google Leanback and Google TV, etc which is said to be available in the third season of this year.

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December 16, 2010

YouTube Supports 4K Resolution Video – Super Duper Clear!

Google has announced recently that YouTube is able to support the super-duper clear video with the unbelievable resolution up to 4K. 4K video means the video with resolution up to 4096×3072, which is four times higher than the currently used 1080p HD television.

In spite of the high cost of shooting and producing a 4K movie, YouTube never says NO to the video with the currently highest resolution, though the source of 4K video is extremely limited.

YouTube engineer says the perfect screen for 4K videos is 25 inch and it can be only played in digital cinema now. Therefore, 4K video obviously equals to the current IMAX movie which takes 2 projectors with 2K resolution to play it.

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In order to enhance your ultimate watching experience on YouTube, we have embedded a YouTube IMAX Promo Video here for you to enjoy the crystal clear picture and sound quality. Only one requirement for that, make sure your computer configuration is as higher as it can be!

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