Encountered a damaged ZIP file and no apps can read it? Then, you need to repair this ZIP file. This paper introduces you an easy and quick way to repair ZIP files – using Kernel Recovery for ZIP.


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1. Launch Kernel for ZIP.


2. Click the Add Files button from toolbar or Browse to browse and list corrupt ZIP file.


3. If the corrupt ZIP file is password protected, provide the password.


4. Select the Repair Files button from toolbar or click Next to start the repairing process. Now the software starts the repairing process and shows the recovered data.


5. Select Save Files button from toolbar to save the repaired files at the desired location.

A dialog box named ‘Save Options’ appears which asks for the saving format either to save in Normal format or in Zipped format.


6. Select the appropriate option and click OK.


Tips: By default, the names of the repaired .zip files will be the original file name prefixed by the text ‘Rep’. However, you can change the prefix by clicking on the Settings option in toolbar.