The following guide will show you how to convert PDF files to ePub with iPubsoft PDF to ePub converter.


iPubsoft PDF to ePub Converter is the most powerful PDF to ePub converter that allows you to easily and quickly convert PDF files to ePub without any changes so as to read the files on more readers and devices.


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Step1 add PDF files for processing

Click the "Add File" button to browse your computer to locate the PDF files, and then load them. You can also click "File" from the menu to open the drop-down menu, and then select to add your PDF documents. Or, you can directly drag and drop one or more PDF documents into the file list window.


Step2 set output

Conversion Mode: The default is Text Mode, in this mode, all contents of PDF will be converted except for images in PDF. After converting, you are able to copy text in output ePub files. If you choose Image mode, all elements can be converted without any loss, however, you are not allowed to copy the output ePub's contents.

Page Setting: Here you are allowed to select the page you want to convert: All, Current or Range. If you choose Range, you will be asked to enter pages numbers and/or page ranges separated by commas.

Output Folder: If you want to customize an output folder, click "Browse" button to choose your desired directory for saving the ePub.



Step3 convert PDF to ePub

At the final step, just press on the start button in the home interface to start the PDF to ePub conversion.