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September 21, 2011

HTC Bass IS Bound to Release in October with 4.7-inch Wide Screen

The mass “plentiful models” impels HTC to expose the information of their new-type phones every day, expect the 720p HD dual-core flagship HTC Vigo and the HTC Rhyme that are customized for the female, HTC Runnymede has been catching people’s attention for the reason that its official figure has been exposed and it has being reserved in Britain. However, according to the announced information of its retailer –handtec, the future name of HTC Runnymede will be HTC Bass, and it is predicted that it will go public officially on October this year.

Mounted Beats Audio Technology
In accordance with the information on the official blog of British retailer handtec, this type of cell phone will be go public together with female MP on about October this year. In the meanwhile, the published official figure shows that a red Beats Audio mark has been printed on the back of this phone body. It means that this cell phone is also characterized with excellent acoustic fidelity compared with up-to-date released HTC Sensation X.
However,according to the past exposed information, the Beats by Dr. Drerandom earphone will be in the random packaging; and it can adjust the autoFit output setting automatically: showing gigantic, powerful low pitch and distinct, natural acoustic fidelity. The cell phone with line controller has the function of free speakerphone and volume, chapters controlling

4.7-inch Touch Screen
Although this cell phone which is expert in perfect acoustic do not has something special in shape, the pure white phone body and insufficient 10 millimeter thickness can manufacture particular “eye effect”. However, the most attractive point of it is that it is equipped with 4.7-inch touch screen; and it also supports qHD resolution, so it is believable that the visual effect of “hand cinema” can not be refused by most of people. What the shortcoming is that it is not equipped with dual-core processor because of its market positioning, instead, it is equipped with 1.5GHz mononuclear processor.

8-million-pixel Camera
HTC Bass is also with 768MB RAM, 16GB storage space, embedded 8-million-pixel camera, LED fill light, supports automatic focus and 720p HD video recording. And in order to deal with the low light environment, it adopts illuminated CMOS sensor and equips the 28mm wide-angle lens with f/2.2 large aperture.
In addition, HTC Bass is also with 1.3-million-pixel front-facing camera, supports video call, HSDPA high-speed network and Wi-Fi wireless internet. Other functions like BlueTooth 3.0 technology, GPS navigation, 3.5mm earphone interface, FM radio and double microphones are also included in this smartphone.

Release on October
Information provided by the English retailer that HTC Bass will make an official release on October, and until then there will be a 16GB version and a 32GB version for users’ options, and it will be put into the market on November.

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July 29, 2011

Two New Types of HTC Phones with Mango System Be Put into the Market in September Possibly

Although HTC has done a solid trade on the market with its Android System, it did not slack on the development of new phones with Window Phone system. After the exposure of two types of new phones (HTC Omega and HTC Eternity) with Mango System which were designed for the high-end market, recently, another two types of new phones (TC Ignite and HTC Prime) with Microsoft System have turned up on the on-line sale website: Phone House.
Although more valuable information has not been revealed on the website, the two cell phones with Windows Phone system have been exposed in March, so it can predict that it will be soon officially launched in the market.

New Design with Sideslipping QWERT
It is believable that the publics will not be unfamiliar with the two types of HTC cell phones with Windows Phone System. Early in March, together with the ultimate dual-core HTC Sensation named “Pyramind”, the tow types of cell phones have ever been exposed. Compared to HTC Sensation, there is no doubt that the HTC Prime with Sideslipping QWERT design deserves more attention. In the meanwhile, on the aspect of part of the hardware configuration, it seems that HTC Prime is more remarkable than the two previous types of Sideslipping QWERT phones: HTC 7 Pro andHTC Arrive. Such as on the aspect of the size of touch screen, although the WVGA resolution specification has being used continually, the size has been upgraded from 3.6 inch to 3.7 inch , and there will have some changes on the visual effect at least.
It is not yet clear what upgrades the other hardware configurations of the cell phone will have because of the limited information; and its functions such as 512MB RAM, build-in auto-focus 5 million pixels camera , WLAN Wireless LAN Access, Bluetooth—are not much different than the previous functions .

800MHz Processor
AS for the synchronous exposure cell phone: HTC Ignite, it is characterize of fruity modeling, smooth fuselage line and delectable frame processing with metallic simple sense .However, the real special point of this cell phone is that it is equipped with 800MHz GHz Qualcomm processor, and it has never been used in the previous cell phones with Windows Phone7 system.
Nevertheless, HTC Ignite does not have the inherent advantage of other functions: 3.7’’ WVGA DP touch screen, build-in 5 million pixels camera, 3.5G network, 2Mbps (MAX) uplink speed and 7.2Mbps (MAX) downlink speed

Mango System
Although the system edition of the two types of cell phones has not been mentioned in its first time of exposure, according to current situation, it will be equipped with the latest Mango system which is characterize of more integrated services. Apart from improving the functions of multimedia and Xbox LIVE in games, Mango will add some new functions: Real-time navigation of build-in map, Bing Audio/Video, 16 languages (including Chinese), Handwriting input and more than 500 other items of function improvement.
AS for other functional configurations of these two types of HTC cell phones (HTC Omega and HTC Eternity), because of the regular functional configurations of Microsoft Smartphone, the DLNA function which has been used on HTC new cell phones (such as HTC Eternity) should be continually used on these two types of phones in spite of the limited information. It means that it can realize the functions of multimedia playback and file transferring and sharing with the help of other compatible WiFi equipments.

At present, the release date of the two types of cell phones has been unknown, but what can be confirmed is that it will go public in autumn for the reason that Microsoft Mango System is predicted to be launched around in September. And with the first exposure of HTC Ignite and HTC Prime, it implies that there are four types of cell phones (HTC Eternity and HTC Omega included) with Mango System will go public in the future.

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July 28, 2011

Exposure of HTC Vigor with 720P HD Touch Screen (Build-in Dual Dore Processor)

Compared to applications and user experiences, the hardware upgrading of Smartphone holds greater appeal. As a result, in order to remain invincible in the severe market competition, manufacturers make a big fuss about the processor and touch screen resolution of the future intelligence products. Since the network rumor that the dual-core Smartphone of MOTO and LG will be equipped with 720P HD touch screen has been spreaded, it was speculated that the HTC ultimate dual-core HTC Vigor had been equipped with 720P (1280×720) HD touch screen during the process of software testing.

Software Testing: Let the cat out of bag

Similar to the exposure process of many cell phones with Android System, Part of the HTC Vigor hardware configuration will let out because of NenaMark software testing; and it reveal the fact that this cell phone will be launched for American fleet user :Verizon. In the meanwhile, the 720P (1280×720) HD touch screen will bring the more remarkable visual experience to users.
Although the dimension of this touch screen cell phone was unknown, and it was doubtful that there has existed software testing misconduct; since the same type cell phones of numerous competitors (such as MOTO, LG and Sumsung etc.) have been exposed, and it is said that Google Nexus 3 will be equipped with 720P HD touch screen too; the above reasons probably make things easier that HTC participates in the competition and offers this HD touch screen Smartphone to service.

1.5GHz Processor

AS for the aspect of other HTC Vigor functional configurations, the NenaMark software testing did not reveal more valuable information. But according to the folk rumors, what the cell phone equip with is the 1.5GHz dual-core processor with HP Snapdragon MSM 8660 dual-core CS(chip set); in testing, the efficacy of Adreno 220 graphics processor chips integrated in CS is better than the PowerVR SGX540 and GeForce graphics processor chips which adopted by NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor platform.
In addition, it is said that this cell phone will support 4G network based on the LTE technology; and because of the overall level of HTC Holiday, it is predicted to provide other functions: 1GB RAM, 8 million pixels camera and 1080P full HD video recording and playing. The system of this cell phone is Android2.3.4 rather than what the people more expects: Ice Cream Sandwich. Similar to MOTO DROID HD which has the hearsay same 720P HD touch screen and dual-core processor, it possibly means that it will be launched in autumn this year.

Registered Trademark
To speak of, actually, it is not HTC Vigor’s first exposure. As early as two years ago, being one of the names of upcoming HTC new phones, the name has been registered in American Copyright and Trademark Office. Meanwhile, during the time in July 6th, the samples of this type of cell phone have appeared on the network. This shows that the HTC ultimate Smartphone has been testing, and its future official name is most likely to be HTC Vigor.
What’s more, although the definite launching date is not clear at present, lots of oversea media have given a statement that it will possibly have the chance to be the first Smartphone which equipped with 720P MD touch screen. Therefore, combine with the exposure of the MOTO DROID HD genuine version: ME865, it may possibly means that HTC Vigor will be officially launched about in September.

However, the “tip of an iceberg” of HTC Vigor has been known by publics. Whether the dual-core Smartphone is equipped with 720P HD touch screen? And whether it will be launched in autumn? Let’s wait and see!

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June 23, 2011

HTC Rider—Another Dual-core 4G Smartphone Leaked Again

The main characteristic of HTC product strategy undoubtedly lies in that it launch smart phones with various specifications according to different network standards and operators. Currently, HTC Rider is going to make a debut and the related information can be found on the internet now. Some one said that this 4G smartphone will be put into the Korean and Japanese market in the name of HTC EVO 4G+.

It is said that this mobile phone will be with all the functions and features of HTC EVO 3D except 3D image function. It will be released in the name of HTC EVO 4G+ which focuses on high-speed network surfing.

 1.2GHz Dual-core Processor

Due to the similarity with HTC EVO 3D, HTC Rider is with preeminent hardware configurations. It is provided with Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8660 processor, 1.2GHz dual core and Adreno 220 graphics processor and the performance of the latter is four times of the previous Adreno 200. HTC Rider also has 4.3-inch qHD touch screen, supports multi touch and with the latest HTC Sense interface.

 8-million-pixel Camera

For the sake of not supporting 3D image recording function, HTC Rider camera resolution will be 8 million pixels. Besides, it has LED supplementary light, automatic focus and 1080p video recording and playing functions. And with the help of the 1.3-million-pixel front-facing camera, users can achieve video call in 4G network. For other functions, HTC Rider will run on Android 2.3 OS, with 3.5mm headset interface, GPS navigation, memory card expansion and more.

 Powerful Wireless Network

HTC EVO 4G+ has some outstanding features in wireless network function. It is said that it will support Korean standard WiBro network which can bring with 4G network downloading speed similar to WiMax technology. Simultaneously, HTC Rider performs well in other wireless connections, it can not only support 14.4Mbps HSPA+ network and Bluetooth V3.0, but also its WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) 802.11b/g/n function is able to support DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) connection that can realize wireless connection and data transmission among different devices.

 The specific release date of HTC Rider has not been settled yet so let’s just for the good tidings.

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