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March 28, 2011

Google Internally Testing Music Service: Google Music Coming Soon?

Google Music is a music service similar to Apple iTunes, through which users can receive the services of enjoying the legal copy of streaming media music and downloading music. Recently, there is source that Google is organizing the internal testing for this music service which indicates that Google will likely roll out this remarkable Google Music in the near future.

Google has made a demo for this music service in Google I/O meeting last year, but unfortunately it has not been officially released yet. Two weeks ago, XDA BBS developers accidentally discovered Google Music streaming media service when transplanting Honeycomb Android operating system. According to the people inside the industry, Google Music being found in XDA BBS is just an engineering version which is different from the official version that will eventually release.

Although it has been put into the internal testing which shows that Google Music release is able to achieve technically, the biggest problem Google could have faced is the lack of music content. Google has contacted with four big record companies one year ago, hoping that the release preparation can be done at the end of 2010. And in earlier this month, Google has ever planned to make a demo for this service in Texas SXSW music carnival. But due to the hard introducing of music content, it finally bogged down.

Google internal testing is certainly a good piece of news for the long-expecting users. Another piece of news said that Google new CEO Larry Page will send Google Music as a gift to the global users in the coming April. And it is quite possible for Google to launch Google Music in I/O developer conference in May.

March 25, 2011

Firefox4 Downloading IS up to One Million Times in the First Three Hours

Firefox4 has made a good beginning since the release for it has been downloaded for up to one million times in the first three hours. If the current Firefox4 download speed keeps going on, it is going to defeat Microsoft IE9 easily. Microsoft has ever issued that in the first 24 hours IE9 was downloaded for as many as 2.4 million times. Nevertheless, Mike Beltzner from Mozilla stated that Firefox4 was not as good as Firefox3.6 in performance. In the first three hours, Firefox4 download is about 5000 to 6000 times per minute which is less than the half of Firefox3.6 download, up to twelve thousand times per minute.

Mozilla foundation has set up a Firefox4 download real-time counter on its website. Mozilla foundation developers held a simple celebration when the Firefox4 download reached one million times.

Firefox4 released Tuesday marked as the symbol to end the year-long development. Mozilla released the first alpha version Firefox4 in February 2010. And in the original plan, Firefox4 would be released in November 2010 but because of a series of problems such as security vulnerabilities the development work was not completed until earlier this year.

Firefox4 is the second browser with major upgraded features within this week. Microsoft released IE9 on March 14.

There is a Panorama tag manager in Firefox4, with simple interface, supports graphics processor accelerating technology. Hardware acceleration has become a controversial point between Mozilla and Microsoft. Microsoft declares that IE9 is the only browser that realizes hardware acceleration by making good use of GPU processing ability. And the Mozilla denounces its opponent’s giving up of Windows XP. IE9 only supports Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Microsoft defends itself in an email that the developer community has been calling for the progressive development of Internet. And the browser’s performance is closely related to its operating system. Running the latest browser in an operating system which is with ten-year history will make the Internet stay in the past. However, some Mozilla developers indicate that Microsoft’s statement which declares it has made good use of GPU processing ability is out of the reality.

Firefox4 supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

March 24, 2011

March 23, 2011

Motorola Droid 3 Shows Its True Colors

Knowledge necessary
Motorola Droid X adopts straight touch modeling design and with a 4.3-inch screen. The visual effect presented in 480×854-pixel capacitive touch screen is rather dazzling. Droid X is equipped with the top flagship configuration so it is with powerful performance: employing Android OS V2.1 operating system, deploying TI OMAP363. processor which is up to 1GHz and 8GB ROM+512MB RAM memory. An 8-million-pixel camera is attached to the back. It supports 720P HD video recording and auto focus function so it is with high imaging quality. In addition, WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS are also within reach.

Undoubtedly, Motorola Droid series smart phones have become its successful products which own numerous fans in the global smartphone market. Marked as the latest product among its smart phones, the exposure of Motorola Droid 3 has caused great attention. And recently more and more photos of this smart phone have been revealed.

According to the news, Motorola Droid 3 has also inherited the classical Motorola Droid series sideslip QWERTY design. But compared to the previous two products, Motorola Droid 3 QWERY adopts 5-row button design and owns independent digital key, so the practicability of QWERTY has been greatly improved.

As to operating system and hardware configuration, Motorola Droid s is likely to employ Android 2.3 system, 4-inch qHD capacitive touch screen, HDMI output interface and front-facing camera. Besides, Motorola Droid 3 is still under the customization of Verizon.

And more surprisingly, you can enjoy any video on Motorola Droid series products since so many useful tools have arisen to convert video to this smart phone. You can enjoy more with this cool phone.

If you want to get more information of Motorola Droid 3 just keep coming back here and I will provide you with the latest news.

Something You Should Know About April Fools’ Day—General Knowledge Necessary to Help You Better Enjoy This Day

The origin of April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is also called All Fools’ Day, the traditional folk festival in both American and other countries in the west. April Fools’ Day is similar to Hilaria from ancient Rome and Holi from India. Seen from the view of time, the weather changes suddenly so it seems that it is the nature play a trick on human beings. As to the origin of April Fools’ Day, there are many statements. A statement says that it comes from a festival in India on which people can make fun of each other and play tricks on each other, regardless of male or female, elder or youngster.

 The custom of April Fools’ Day

The most typical activities on April Fools’ Day still go to making fun of each other and playing tricks on each other. Some people will throw the fine string tied wallet to the street and then hide in dark corner; they will haul the wallet away once it is picked up by someone. Other people will put a brick under a worn cap and then wait to see who will kick on it. Children will told their parents that there is a hole in their bag or there is a speck on their face, when adults lean over to have a look they will fool them as April fools. Zoos and aquariums will also receive calls from fishes to lions which will annoy the staffs much, so usually they will cut off the telephone line to avoid bothering.

 The legend of April Fools’ Day

In 1564, the French king decided to adopt the new chronology—the Gregorian calendar, known as the solar calendar today. It set January 1 as the beginning of the year but not April 1. But some conservatives were against this reform and sending New Year gifts on April 1 according to the old calendar. Reform advocators mocked these people. On April 1, they gave those fake gifts and invited them to fake parties. From then on, playing tricks on April 1 has become a tradition. When people were cheated, the player would cry out “POISSON D’AVRIL” which meant “April prank”.

 April Fools’ Day in modern times

New age endows April Fools’ Day with new content, more and more hoaxes have been dug out by people. Except for the old tricks, people begin to play tricks on people with new technologies. For example, some computer programs will help you to carry out these April Fools’ hoaxes. You can also download a piece of funny video from the internet with free FLV downloader. And then you can convert FLV to video in any formats. Funny videos can arouse happy mood, when you share it with the other people they receive your laughter at the same time. And if is not funny enough, you can also create a funny video by yourself. For example, the video in which you are saying your last words may shock people around you and your have achieve the goal in this April Fools’ Day.

 And now I guess you have got something about April Fools’ Day. Are you ready for it? Fool or be fooled? LOL…

March 22, 2011

Apple iOS 4.3 Release: Information You Should Get about This Operating System Mythology

Concept of iOS
iOS is an operating system specially designed for iPhone. Generally spezking, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are all run on iOS. Just like the Mac OS X it based on, it adopts Darwin. Originally it was called iPhone OS, and changed its name to iOS until the WWDC conference in June, 2010. iOS system architecture is divided into four levels: the core OS layer, the core services layer, the media layer and the cocoa touch layer.

Apple releases iOS 4.3 which supports iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3 and iPod Touch 4. There will be a series of bright spots along with iOS in its upgrade every time. Now let’s take a look at something you should know about this new iOS 4.3 in the following:

1. iOS 4.3 will contains a faster Safari browser
At present, the mobile Safari browser contains Nitro JavaScript which is the same with what is in desktop Safari. And this will ensures the quick web browsing speed.

2. iOS 4.3 will put AirPlay into iPhone video
With the help of iOS 4.3, users can directly transfer iPhone video to Apple TV through AirPlay.
It is reported that there is a considerably great improvement in iOS 4.3. Even the third-party applications can make use of Airplay so that users are no longer limited to use Apple applications to transfer songs, movies, photos and other media files to Apple TV. AirPrint wireless printing is also included in iOS 4.3.

3. iTunes home sharing function is included in iOS 4.3
For home users, the best function in iOS 4.3 will go to the huge iTunes library. With this function there is no need for users to put media contents to iPhone, iPod and iPad to the full. Instead, they are allowed to turn to iTunes home sharing function to transfer media resources on Mac or PC to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
With this function each of the iOS device storage space is limitless when the user is at home.

4. iOS 4.3 brings iPhone 4 with personal hotspots function
Nowadays, more and more apps are designed for iPhone. You can make iPhone ringtone with iPhone ringtone maker and convert video to iPhone with iPhone video converter Mac.
Just as the forecasts, iOS 4.3 provides iPhone 4 users with a shining new function: personal hotspots. This function makes iPhone 4 into a Wi-Fi access point. Up to five Wi-Fi devices can access to network and with a quick upload and download speed.

5. iPad directional lock function regression
During the first generation iPad debut, its side button can lock the screen image direction and which is considered cool for many people. However, Apple changed the button into a silencer button. As a matter of fact, there has been a voice control button on the other side. Consumers can change these buttons function according to their own habits.

6. iOS 4.3 is with special video effect
It is an improvement made for FaceTime fans. iOS will bring multiple photo processing effects to your iOS 4.3 devices camera. It can conduct the real-time photo effect processing such as X-Ray and thermal camera.

7. iOS supports applications subscriptions
The Guardian revealed the news that iOS 4.3 can support routine iOS application subscription.

8. iOS 5.0 will make a debut in summer
It is supposed that Apple will launch iPhone 5 in summer this year, simultaneously, iOS 5.0 will make its first debut.

And there is a rumor that iOS 4.3.1 will be released in the near future. Whether iOS 4.3.1will be the predecessor of iOS 5, only time will speak.

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