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November 25, 2011

Christmas Gifts People Most Thirst for This Year: Tablet PCs Rank the Top

2011 Christmas Day has come into sight while Thanksgiving is still underway. As for Christmas, stuffs you might remind of will be: Christmas decoration, Christmas gift, Christmas card, Christmas food, Christmas picture, Christmas wallpaper and more related goods. According to CES (Consumer Electronics Association), tablet PC has become one of the top Christmas gifts people desire most this year. CES survey results show that among all the desired gifts tablet PC ranks as the second. CES expects that during the Christmas shopping season this year American consumers’ average expenses on electronic gifts will be $246.

Although tablet PC has also landed on the most wanted Christmas gift list last year, it still can not match with the other electronic products for it is lack of attraction. However, during the past one year tablet PC has become the mainstream and consumers are accustomed to touch screen. Gartner analyst Carolina Mianesi stated that last year people were thinking of what was tablet PC but this year they have already known what could they do with tablet PC. For some people, tablet PC has become the most important device in their life and work. It can be used to browse the Internet, send email, watch movies and more, which actually brings people with great convenience. Gartner predicted that Apple iPad will continue to dominate the market this year. Tablet PS sales this year will reach 64 million and iPad will account for 73%, about 47 million. Apple has sold 25 million iPads until the end of September. The most potential iPad competitors will be Amazon Kindle Fir ($199) and Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet ($249).

And Apple BlackFriday Shopping is underway, maybe you can go for some discounted electronic products. By the way during Christmas time you may want to enjoy your digital life, for example, to watch some splendid Christmas movies on iPad, then a video to iPad Converter may be of use. Anyway, wish you all to get what you want as a Christmas gift on Christmas 2011.

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June 9, 2011

Apple WWDC 2011 Summing up: Mac OS X Lion, iOS5 and iCloud

About Mac OS X Lion
There are 54 million Mac users all over the world currently. Mac OS X Lion is an important upgraded version with over 250 new features and over 3000 new API. In the following there are top 10 main functions of Mac OS X Lion:

1. Multipoint gestures
Users can Control pictures and programs by double-clicking, double fingers folding and unfolding, gentle sweeping.
2. Full screen application programs
Full-screen programs will be the fundamental function of Lion which allows developers to program easily.
3. Mission control
Through simple gestures users can overview all the running programs.
4. Mac App Store
Mac App Store is integrated in Lion which makes “Intraprogram charge” available and with upgrade service accessible.
5. Launchpad
Through simple gestures all the program icons can be displayed on the screen.
6. Real-time restart
When restarting the software it will back to the interrupted point.
7. Automatic save-up
The system will save up files automatically without sending out a piece of notification news.
8. Version Control
The system will automatically save up files with different versions so as to facilitate modification record browsing.
9. AirDrop
It adopts P2P technology to make PC file sharing easily.
10. Mailing program
Brand-new mailing program with concise interface, advanced search added and tags attached.

About iOS 5
iOS 5 has become the biggest mobile operating system which occupied 44% market share. It supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3, iPod Touch 4, iPad and iPad 2. Top 10 main features of iOS 2 below:

1. Notification centre
The Notification centre can be displayed when moving downward from the top which is similar to Android. The received messages can be also listed on the locking screen.
2. Newsstand
It is used for magazines displaying and browsing. It provides with an interface similar to file folder.
3. Twitter
Twitter has been integrated into various programs. Users can send out contents from Maps, Safari, YouTube and Contact Person by means of Twitter.
4. Safari Reader
It is a reading list similar to desktop browser and Instapaper.
5. Reminders
A magnificent notepad and ToDo recording function.
6. Camera
Users are able to get access to camera even under the condition of screen locking.
7. Mailing program
The new mailing program supports text editing, star stapled and carry out address drag-and-drop, text searching among different recipient bars.
8. PC Free
iOS 5 can be activated without connecting to PC. It also support OTA.
9. Game Center
Users can get access to the game situations of their friends, looking for and trying out new games.
10. iMessage
Text messages, pictures, videos and contact persons can be transmitted among iOS 5 devices, group chatting function is supported as well.

About iCloud
iCloud could be the mythical iTunes streaming service, a possibility that is looking increasingly likely now that Apple has most of the major record labels signed up for it, in a space pioneered by Amazon and Google, which has no such deals. Or it could be Apple’s version of DropBox, the amazing sync and storage service that currently glues together the whole iOS ecosystem along with its desktop service.

1. Automatic backup
Through WiFi, it can backup music, photos, videos, programs and books automatically.
2. Cloud document
Documents in programs like iWork cam sync to iCloud. Developers can add cloud synchronization function to their own program with the help of iCloud API.
3. Cloud picture
Pictures on any devices can be synced to cloud. iCloud can save up pictures for the recent 30 days.
4. Cloud iTunes
Users can download the purchased music for many times from any devices with the same Apple ID.
5. 5GB free memory
With 5GB free memory, users can save up emails, documents and data. iTunes music occupies no memory.
6. Mobile Me free mailbox
Emails from are totally free.

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May 6, 2011

Top 10 Tablet Computers Exposed, Apple iPad Dominated as NO.1

Technology medium ZDNet recently released the hottest top 10 tablet computers among which iPad occupied the leading position for its excellent performance and high sales, simultaneously, PlayBook that has received great concern recently ranked fourth. Tablet computer has become a gold ore in science and technology area in recent years. With the announcement from Apple that over 15 million iPad have been sold in 2010 and over 45 million iPad2 are expected to be sold in 2011, manufacturers from all over the world threw themselves into tablet computer filed which is full of fierce competitions.

In the following, there are top 10 tablet computers in 2011:
10 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: Samsung Sliding PC 7
Samsung Sliding PC 7 is equipped with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, adopting 10.1-inch multi-touch LCD display, supporting HD 1366×768 resolution, owing transmutative sliding design, takeshima keyboard and ultra-thin and super-light design, realizing portability as well as functionality.

9 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: Motorola Xoom
As the first tablet computer that adopts Android 3.0 cellular system, Motorola Xoom has received great concern from all over the world. However, up to $799 halts the purchasing action of many consumers.

Convert video to Motorola Xoom for visual enjoyment.
Convert video to Motorola Xoom for video appreciation on Mac.

8 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: HTC Flyer
HTC Flyer is made from aluminum, following HTC’s unique style and quality. It is equipped with 7-inch screen, 1.5 GHz processor and HSPA+ wireless transmission function. More surprisingly, Flyer adopts Android 2.3 system but not Honeycomb system.

Convert video to HTC Flyer for video enjoyment.
Convert video to HTC Flyer for video enjoyment on Mac.

7 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
As a tablet that has the capacity to compete with Apple iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the thinnest Tablet computer in the world until now. If the price can low slightly, it is quite possible for it to gain more sales even than Apple iPad.

Convert video to Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.
Convert video to Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 on Mac.

6 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: B&N Nook Color
Nook Color released by Barnes & Noble is with light weight and a reasonable price at $249.

Convert video to Nook Color for ideal playback.
Convert video to Nook Color for video enjoyment on Mac.

5 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
ASUS considers insufficiency in selections is a deficiency of tablet computer. As a result, ASUS released various tablets for users to choose according to their preference. Among which Eee Pad Transformer priced at $399 receives most popularity.

4 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: BlackBerry PlayBook
The excellent performance and favorable operating mode of RIM BlackBerry PlayBook has conquered millions of PlayBook users. In addition, it is remarked as the most suitable tablet computer for web surfing for the function of supporting Flash.

3 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: The Amazon Tablet
It is drawn from the news that is bound to release a brand-new tablet product which will run on Android system and with Kindle eBook, MP3 music store and app store. It is predicted that Amazon will employ low price strategy to ensure tablet sales.

2 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: HP TouchPad
The debut of HP TouchPad has added a new operating system—WebOS to this fierce tablet war. At present, the released tablet operating systems including Blackberry Playbook QNX, Apple iPad 2 iOS and the widely-used Android OS. TouchPad adopts 9.7-inch touch screen with 1024×768 resolutions and equipped with Qualcomm 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor. This tablet is with no popular rear camera but a 1.3-million-pixel front-facing camera designed for video calling. TouchPad is bound to run on Web OS. HP has specially developed HP Music Store and Movie Store for its first tablet.

1 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: Apple iPad 2
The newly-released iPad 2 is the second generation of Apple’s iPad products, another mythology in tablet computer industry. Apple iPad 2 with more powerful features equipped attracts Apple fans all over the world. By virtue of the simple yet artistical design and super excellent performance, it deserves the first position among tablet computers.

Convert video to iPad 2 for video enjoyment.
Convert video to iPad 2 for video appreciation on Mac.

April 12, 2011

Top 10 Best iPad Apps for the Second Generation—iPad 2

Compared with the first generation iPad, the second generation iPad 2 is thinner and lighter, at the same time, it is with a more powerful dual-core processor and the enhanced processing ability for graphics, video and other media contents. In the following, there will list top ten business friendly best iPad apps for the second generation—iPad 2.

1. FaceTime
iPad 2 is equipped with both front-facing camera and rear camera which can provide iPad users with Apple FaceTime video conference function, so as to enable them to carry out video calling with other Apple users.

2. Skype
Video conversion between Apple users can be achieved with the help of FaceTime, but video chat between Apple users and PC users can not realize unless with the aid of Skype. Although Skyoe iPhone app has not optimized for iPad 2 yet, it enables iPad users to conduct video chat with the other PC Skype users.

3. WebEx for iPad
By using WebEx for iPad app, iPad users are able to carry out WebEx conference. In addition, iPad 2 front-facing camera and rear camera make two-way video conference possible.

4. Fuze Meeting HD
Fuze Meeting HD is capable of supporting multi-user HD video conference, it is another iPad app tailored for commercial video conference.

5. Boardbooks
Boardbooks is another subscription service which enables iPad user get access to meeting document off line so as to create a paperless environment for enterprise.

6. Google Earth
Google Earth iPad app can fully demonstrate that the interface an function of the new dual-core A5 processor are similar to iPhone Google Earth. But it has make special optimization for iPad wide screen.

7. Word Lens
Word Lens is an instant translation application. It photographs the words through iPad camera and translates into another language for an instant. It can definitely add up fun and convenience to traveling and business.

8. Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a useful publishing tool that can aid users in managing various social media network and interaction. In addition to help users make a quick check and make a quick release on Twitter in multiple accounts, it also supports FaceBook individual page update and to increase network relationships regularly, etc.

9. iMovie
Apple iMovie app enables users to achieve video recording and editing among various Apple products.

10. Popplet
Popplet for iPad is an utility used for collecting and sharing good ideas. It has been optimized for the wide screen of iPad 2. And the double cameras of iPad 2 means that user can shoot down a lot of photos without adjusting the directions.
With Popplet, iPad 2 users can collect inspirations, create galleries, record thoughts, explore ideas and etc.

11. GarageBand
GarageBand is a digital music creation tool developed by Apple which allows users to make music in leisure time. It is reported that 1000 pre-recorded sample melodies and 50 kinds of instrument samples.

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