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June 16, 2011

4.3-inch 4G HTC Kingdom Is Going to Make a Debut with qHD Touch Screen

The main market strategy of HTC in this year is to unveil lots of smartphones to attract the public’s attention. Besides HTC Mazaa that runs on Windows Phone OS, HTC Kingdom which has been exposed for many times on the internet has just received keys from the FCC.
The HTC Kingdom is yet another smartphone device that is waiting to be unleashed upon the masses in the US, but before that, it will have to go through the paces set by the FCC, where the latest FCC filing do suggest that this is getting closer and closer to a release date, where it sports CDMA support and WiMAX radio connectivity, with Sprint being the mobile carrier of choice. While the display that has a qHD resolution is but a rumor, we can’t help but figure out that said rumor is fact judging by the way higher end smartphones carry their electronics and innards around.

Let’s take a look at some main features of 4G HTC Kingdom

4G Network Supported
When HTC Kingdom has been exposed at the first time, it is mistaken as the code name of HTC EVO 3D, but later from the leaked data in ROM it is a brand-new Android Mobile. Based on some technical data from FCC, HTC Kingdom will be a 4G smartphone that supports WiMAX.

4.3-inch qHD Touch Screen
Although it is far away from dual-core HTC EVO 3D in the integrated function, HTC Kingdom does reach a high level. For example, it is with 4.3-inch qHD capacitive touch screen, 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7630 processor chipset, 1.3-million-pixel front-facing camera and 5-million-pixel main camera, supports automatic focus and 720p video recording.
HTC Kingdom will also run on Android 2.3 OS, with 768MB RAM, supports WLAN, Bluetooth V3.0 technology, GPS navigation and memory card expansion.

Upgrades to Ginger Bread Possible
Except for HTC Kingdom, the question that whether HTC Desire will be upgraded to Android 2.3 also receives lots of focuses. According to the latest news, HTC officially declares on FaceBook that HTC Desire can be upgraded to Android 2.3 OS.
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HTC Puccini Testing Pictures Exposed
As to those who have been focusing on HTC tablet, this can be remarked as a piece of surprising news. Seen from the already known information, HTC Puccini will be equipped with 10-inch WXGA touch screen and supports handwriting function. HTC Puccini runs on Android 3.0 OS, adopts 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 8660 dual-core processor chipset.
In addition, it also supports LTE 4G network, 1080p HD video playing and HTML5.
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June 15, 2011

HTC Desire S Licensed Version Finally Hit the Market

AS the follow-up version of Android Mobile HTC Desire, HTC Desire S has improved a lot on both system platform and hardware configuration which drive HTC fans look forward to its debut. Since the official release of the red version, HTC Desire S510e sell advance at the official online shop.

HTC Desire S licensed version performs as well as the previous version in functions so the presale price becomes the focus. What is disappointed is that HTC Desire S this time is also with a high price which will draw lots of potential buyers back. With the quoted price, customers can even purchase the latest dual-core smartphone.
Besides, although HTC tries to show to the public the different product orientation of HTC Desire S and HTC Desire through various color styles, it does focus on fashion actually, including the black, silvery, blue and red version. But what will disappoint users is that there is only black version for users’ option this time.

Android 2.3 OS
For those who are not familiar with this smartphone, HTC Desire S Licensed version does have something different from HTC Desire. To put it simply, the main improvement lies in that the built-in processor is changed to MSMB255 processor and it also integrates with Adrono 205 graphic processing chip. It performs better in 3D game and video playing.
In order to gain more fluent program running speed and more space, HTC Desire S licensed version is also equipped with Android 2.3 OS and larger memory capacity, providing with 768MB RAM and 1.1GB ROM, the latter of which has solved the problem in program installation perfectly.

The Best Phone of the Year
Despite the fact that it is without the popular dual-core processor, HTC Desire S licensed version is with all the trending functions. It is equipped with 3.7-inch WVGA SLCD and adopts HTC Sense 2.1 interface. At the same time, it is with 300-thousand-pixel front-facing camera and 5-million-pixel main camera, supporting auto-focus and 720p HD video recording.
HTC Desire S licensed version also provides with wireless connection function, supports WCDMA/HSDPA network, WiFi and WLAN Hot Spot sharing function. As to other functions, for example, Cloud Service, SRS sound effect strengthening, 3.5mm headset interface, GPS, Bluetooth etc will be included.

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April 7, 2011

Top 10 Android Games Mobile Phones

Motorola Atrix, LG Optimus 2X and Samsung S II and other popular mobile phones are about to sweep across the sales counters all over the world, bringing the next generation Android mobile phone which will clear the way for Android games. In the following I will list the top ten Android games mobile phones.

Disposing of the idea that Android phone will cost you a lot of money, the Android mobile phones selected below are on different price level so you can find out the one you want though you are embarrassingly short of money.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Xperia Play is the first and the only one Android phone that focuses on game function, without keyboard and with game controller instead.
As an unofficial PlayStation mobile phone, Xperia Play offer users with a perfect portable game world: namely it is touch screen device as well as PSP go-esque controller.
Xperia Play should become the one which is infatuated by Android game players for is has made a promise that it will optimize the game comprehensively for new system so as to improve the ability of operating PlayStation 1 era classic game.

Samsung Galaxy S

Seen from a distance, you can take it as iPhone 4. From a closer view on the layout of the menu icon, you can treat is as iPhone 4 as well.
Compared with standard LED, AMOLED leaves people with matchlessly deep impression. Exposing in the sun, Galaxy S is clearer than Apple “i” series products.
The hummingbird processor and the quick reaction to touch screen means that Galaxy S is the best choice among high-end Android games currently.

HTC Desire HD

Undeniably, Desire HD is the phone that owns the clearest and the most magnificent screen except iPhone. The 4.3-inch large screen makes it a great beast.
It is the fastest device with the most powerful functions at present. Equipped with 1 GHz processor, 768MB RAM, it is able to perfectly run any games. With typical HTC based applications, the battery lasts more than one day.

HTC Incredible S

Another works from HTC, Incredible S runs on the old version Android. But the excellent 4-inch 480*480 resolution screen, the powerful processor and 768MB RAM make up for this flaw. It has quite a satisfying photographic quality simultaneously.

Samsung (Google) Nexus S

With plastic texture and extremely concise design, Nexus S is super-thin and fashionable when seen from the front side likes a household article of Tupperware when seen from the back side. It has 16G memory but without an extra microSD card slot.
1 Ghz hummingbird GPU which is similar to Galaxy S, guaranteeing the smooth operations of various applications.
As Google’s favorite, Nexus S will get access to the latest Android upgraded version comparing to the other mobile phones.

HTC (Google) Nexus One

If the lack of card slot on Nexus S annoys you much you can turn to Nexus One. Although it is only with 4G memory, it is equipped with 32G memory card.
From the intelligent angle, besides the old Snapdragon chipset and a track ball, it has nothing new comparing to other mobile phones. As a result, Nexus One is much cheaper than Samsung Nexus S.

HTC Desire

Despite of the lack of big framework and clear picture quality like the other HTC family members, HTC Desire can still be remarked as a powerful mobile phone: 3.7-inch screen, excellent processing ability.
Although the Snapdragon CPU/GPU can not output the latest 3D images and the touch screen can not react as fast as HD, it is much cheaper and with cute appearance.

Motorola Defy

Having an unshakable market position, Defy impresses people in operating speed and memory capacity. It becomes the most competitive device in the mid-range mobile phone market for it is cheaper than the high-end device.
Perhaps it is not favorable to all users, but the 800 Mhz processor and high-resolution display ability make it a good choice for those who have a limited budget.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

It is a theoretical game mobile phone with relatively high processing power (800 Mhz). It may run slowly sometimes because of RAM space deficiency but no one get the exact value. Nonetheless, what is important is that it can run “angry birds”.

Motorola Milestone

It is called Droid in the United States. This rough and inflexible stuff is one of the first Android devices shown to the public.
Its ability has been exceeded a long time ago but the second-rate chipset necessary for games still remained.
It is incapable of smoothly run the latest released 3D games, but Milestone is able to cope with it if you are not care about the fancy images and only want to play games fro relaxation.

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April 2, 2011

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