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August 10, 2011

Top 5 Tablet Computers for iPad Alternatives

If you are looking for tablet, iPad may be the first stuff you can remind of. In recent years, all things are about Apple products: iPad, iPhone, iPod. The hot trend of iPad will even stop you from considering other tablet computers. Actually, there are many tablets that can complete with Apple iPad. In the following there are top 5 iPad alternatives. I do believe that you can choose one that will meet all your requirements.

1. Motorola Xoom
It is the first tablet in the world that runs on Google’s Honeycomb. This tablet is already available in the United States and will be soon accessible in the United Kingdom. Whether it is the effortless process of adding widgets to a home screen or Gmail new version, Honeycomb is a very impressive piece of kit. Although you have to pay for with high price, you will actually get what you want. The WiFi version is limited to Dixons and Currys, and the 3D version is exclusive to Carphone Warehouse.

How to Convert Video to Xoom for Visual Enjoyment on Motorola Tablet?

How to Convert Video to Xoom on Mac for Video Appreciation on Motorola Xoom?

2. Asus Transformer
It also runs on Android Honeycomb, Asus has used its Transformer product to try to steal a march on the Motorola Xoom. If you purchase this Asus Transformer, it means that you have got both a laptop and a tablet for your option.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab
The sales of the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab were not as ideal as the expectation, and the operating system was failed to meet with the potential. However, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab including 8-inch and 9-inch versions. It is with top-notch industrial design and the wide screen. It has strong competition.

How to Convert Video to Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9?

How to Convert Video to Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 on Mac?

4. HTC Flyer
HTC Flyer is actually a classical version: the 7-inch format offers a stylus for note taking, for instance, and a new version of HTC’s acclaimed Sense interface. That means an enhanced version of Android plus, for instance, the ability to synchronize your written notes with an audio recording of a lecture or presentation.

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How to Convert Video to Flyer on Mac—Play Video on HTC Flyer?

5. BlackBerry PlayBook
PlayBook is a tablet that BlackBerry had devoted a lot into. It is very impressive in today’s tablet market. If you are looking for a piece of tablet that can fulfill all your requirements, BlackBerry PlayBook is your best choice.

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July 15, 2011

Four-core MOTO XOOM 2 Exposed with 2048×1536 Super HD Touch Screen

Soon after the rumor that dual-core Motorola Droid HD will be equipped with 720p HD touch screen, there is another piece of news that Motorola is developing a new generation tablet which will be equipped with 2048×1536 Super HD Touch Screen. It is supposed that it will make a debut with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Super HD Resolution

According to media reports, this brand-new Android tablet will have the same weight and specification with the first generation Xoom. Although it will be with the same 10-inch touch screen, it will be with 2048×1536 resolution that will bring with more delicate displaying effect.

 Besides, Motorola is expected to apply a NVIDIA Tegra 3 four-core processor with faster processing speed to this new Android tablet computer, and also it is supposed to make a release with Ice Cream Sandwich system. Although the rumor has not been confirmed by the official, the 2048×1536 resolution supported by its touch screen not only surpasses Apple iPad 3 but also indicates that next year the Ice Cream Sandwich tablet touch screen resolution will meet with this standard.


What should be mentioned it that there is a mysterious MOTO tablet exists on Verizon promotion video, so it is possible that this new four-core tablet may be MOTO Xoom 2. It is reported that this new tablet with super HD resolution has stepped into the testing phase.

Android 3.2 Upgrade

Although the new Motorola tablet is so attractive to the ones who plan to purchase Android tablet or MOTO XOOM users, the release date of Motorola Xoom 2 still remains unknown, and the release of Android 3.2 lives up to expectations.

New Android Market Release

In addition to the coming of a new generation tablet, Google also has announced that a new Android Market will be launched in the following weeks. Comparing to the previous one, the new version has been greatly improved. At the same time, e-Book downloading and movie rental services are also accessible within the new Android Market and the services are only available in United States.

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May 26, 2011

MOTO Photon 4G Leaked with Dual-core Processor, Going to Release on June 9

After smartphone headed into “dual-core times”, Motorola has been holding a really positive attitude towards it. Although there are many smartphones equipped with dual-core processor released by Motorola, it seems that it only can be called a beginning of the dual-core offence. News from medias indicates that Motorola is going to release a new dual-core smartphone—Motorola Photon 4G on June 9.

 Official Model MB855

It is reported that Motorola along with American operator Sprint will hold a product launch activity “Sprint and Motorola’s latest collaborations” in New York on June 9, during which Motorola Photon will make a debut.

Although no more details about the release of this new 4G phone can be accessed to, the phone with model MB855 in WiFi union test will quite possibly be Motorola Photon 4G.

 Sprint Version DROID X2

If you are longing too much for Motorola Photon 4G, you may get a disappointing result finally. There is news indicates that this new Motorola Photon 4G is just Motorola Droid X2 released not long before, despite the fact that it has changed nominally.

As for functions, Motorola Photon 4G is equipped with 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen, supports qHD resolution, super large touch screen and more refined display effect will bring you with excellent visual experience. Besides, compared with Droid X2 which is with only 512MB ROM, Motorola Photon 4G will be upgrades to 1GB.

Convert video to Motorola Droid X

 1GHz Dual-core Processor

Motorola Photon 4G is also loaded with 1GHz NVDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, the performance of which is two times or five times of mononuclear smartphone. And the integrated ultra-low power consumed NVIDIA GeForce GPU can realize the highest double browsing speed and hardware accelerating Flash function that provides users with an excellent gaming experience.

It is supposed to run on Android 2.2 operating system. Moreover, Motorola Photon 4G is also with 8-million-pixel camera which supports 1080p HD video playback and 720p HD video recording.

 Support 4G Network

When referring to the other features of this mobile phone, Motorola Photon 4G supports CDMA2000 EV-DO network and WiFi, Wireless Hotspot, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth technology and etc. With the help of Mirror Mode, users can not only enjoy HD videos on this phone but also playback phone videos on LCD TV through HDMI interface.

Besides to the above, Motorola Photon 4G may be ranked as the first 4G smartphone that supports WiMAX network. What can also be expected on the product launch activity will be WiMAX Motorola Xoom.

Convert video to Motorola Xoom

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May 6, 2011

Top 10 Tablet Computers Exposed, Apple iPad Dominated as NO.1

Technology medium ZDNet recently released the hottest top 10 tablet computers among which iPad occupied the leading position for its excellent performance and high sales, simultaneously, PlayBook that has received great concern recently ranked fourth. Tablet computer has become a gold ore in science and technology area in recent years. With the announcement from Apple that over 15 million iPad have been sold in 2010 and over 45 million iPad2 are expected to be sold in 2011, manufacturers from all over the world threw themselves into tablet computer filed which is full of fierce competitions.

In the following, there are top 10 tablet computers in 2011:
10 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: Samsung Sliding PC 7
Samsung Sliding PC 7 is equipped with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, adopting 10.1-inch multi-touch LCD display, supporting HD 1366×768 resolution, owing transmutative sliding design, takeshima keyboard and ultra-thin and super-light design, realizing portability as well as functionality.

9 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: Motorola Xoom
As the first tablet computer that adopts Android 3.0 cellular system, Motorola Xoom has received great concern from all over the world. However, up to $799 halts the purchasing action of many consumers.

Convert video to Motorola Xoom for visual enjoyment.
Convert video to Motorola Xoom for video appreciation on Mac.

8 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: HTC Flyer
HTC Flyer is made from aluminum, following HTC’s unique style and quality. It is equipped with 7-inch screen, 1.5 GHz processor and HSPA+ wireless transmission function. More surprisingly, Flyer adopts Android 2.3 system but not Honeycomb system.

Convert video to HTC Flyer for video enjoyment.
Convert video to HTC Flyer for video enjoyment on Mac.

7 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
As a tablet that has the capacity to compete with Apple iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the thinnest Tablet computer in the world until now. If the price can low slightly, it is quite possible for it to gain more sales even than Apple iPad.

Convert video to Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.
Convert video to Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 on Mac.

6 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: B&N Nook Color
Nook Color released by Barnes & Noble is with light weight and a reasonable price at $249.

Convert video to Nook Color for ideal playback.
Convert video to Nook Color for video enjoyment on Mac.

5 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
ASUS considers insufficiency in selections is a deficiency of tablet computer. As a result, ASUS released various tablets for users to choose according to their preference. Among which Eee Pad Transformer priced at $399 receives most popularity.

4 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: BlackBerry PlayBook
The excellent performance and favorable operating mode of RIM BlackBerry PlayBook has conquered millions of PlayBook users. In addition, it is remarked as the most suitable tablet computer for web surfing for the function of supporting Flash.

3 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: The Amazon Tablet
It is drawn from the news that is bound to release a brand-new tablet product which will run on Android system and with Kindle eBook, MP3 music store and app store. It is predicted that Amazon will employ low price strategy to ensure tablet sales.

2 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: HP TouchPad
The debut of HP TouchPad has added a new operating system—WebOS to this fierce tablet war. At present, the released tablet operating systems including Blackberry Playbook QNX, Apple iPad 2 iOS and the widely-used Android OS. TouchPad adopts 9.7-inch touch screen with 1024×768 resolutions and equipped with Qualcomm 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor. This tablet is with no popular rear camera but a 1.3-million-pixel front-facing camera designed for video calling. TouchPad is bound to run on Web OS. HP has specially developed HP Music Store and Movie Store for its first tablet.

1 of Top 10 Tablet Computers: Apple iPad 2
The newly-released iPad 2 is the second generation of Apple’s iPad products, another mythology in tablet computer industry. Apple iPad 2 with more powerful features equipped attracts Apple fans all over the world. By virtue of the simple yet artistical design and super excellent performance, it deserves the first position among tablet computers.

Convert video to iPad 2 for video enjoyment.
Convert video to iPad 2 for video appreciation on Mac.

March 4, 2011

iPad 2 VS. Android: iPad 2 Continues to Take the Lead in Tablets

News from Washington Post declares Apple iPad 2 still dominate the leading role in the tablet market but not Android.

In the Era of “Post-PC”

Apple defined the tablet PC market by means of iPad about a year ago and in most time of last year Apple can be said as the only supreme in this area. At the point of numerous tablets that employ Google Android and HP webOS will be on the market soon, Apple built itself up by virtue of iPad 2. iPad 2 is scheduled to come into the market in March 11 in America, $499 is still the lowest price and the display screen remains 9.7 inch, but lighter and thinner and with two built-in cameras. Its dual core processor speed doubled and battery life keeps 10 hours.

Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs released iPad 2 personally and he declared he did not want to miss the grand occasion. He called the tablet PC market as the “Post-PC” era, in other words, it is wrong for Apple competitors to propagandize their own products are with higher specifications. Electronic products in the era of “Post-PC”, take Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad for example, just like household appliances whose value depend on the extent of convenience and easiness.

Price Advantage

A more difficult issue to be settled for Samsung, Motorola, HP and RIM is that: to win the price advantage over Apple.

It has overturned the history of computing technology development: Apple products are famous for their high price traditionally. Products including Mac Book, iPod and iPhone can be called the civilian luxuries for they are more expensive than their peer products by virtue of the elegant design.

With iPad, Apple revivals tablet PC market and such an advantage helps Apple gain a series of long-term contracts from supplier, purchasing flash memory and LED display screen and other components in a favorable price. During the earning teleconference in preceding quarter, Apple revealed that it has made a two-year $3.9 billion accessories supply agreement with the supplier. Maybe this can be served as the reason why Apple can maintain iPad 2 in a low price. The most advanced iPad 2 with 64G, supports AT&T and 3G website only costs $729, on the contrary, Motorola Xoom tablet PC 32G with Android OS with cost you more $70. Other companies declare to release tablets even don’t want to announce the price and listing date. In the product demonstration, HP Touchpad and RIM PlayBook probably make people impressive, and take a leading role in multitasking capacity can flash supporting capacity. Apple competitors expect iPad 2 will be with a higher price then they can announce the price of their products. But now it is quite obvious that the truth will let them down and they have to make adjustment.

More Applications

Among the well-known iPad 2 competitors, only Barnes & Noble NookColor has a price advantage. This Android-based tablet only cost you $249 but it is an internet-enabled electronic reader, not like iPad with full features.

In the product release conference, Apple demonstrated the versatility of iPad 2. Steve Jobs stressed that there are 350 thousand applications in App Store and 65 thousand are specially designed for iPad. In contrast to iPad application, there are only 100 applications designed for Android. Furthermore, Windows OS is proud of its alternative applications and Mac is relatively weak in this respect. However, in the era of “Post-PC”, Mac dominates the leading role in application diversity.

Some smart software that supports both iPad and Android OS devices you may have interest in:

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You can use make good use of them to enjoy any media files with iPad and Android OS devices.

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January 10, 2011

Will Xoom—Tablet Newly-released By Motorola Shake the Hegemony of Apple iPad?

Motorola has made a public announcement about its new Android tablet—Xoom on the international CES, with the hope to gain a foothold in the fast-growing tablet market and even shake the hegemony of Apple iPad.

In some ways, Xoom possesses more outstanding features than Apple iPad: pre-positioned camera and post-positioned camera equipped, one of which can film HD video. On the contrary, iPad does not deploy camera. In addition, Motorola Xoom has bigger display screen, higher resolution, supporting Adobe Flash and resorting to Verizon network which are more capable than iPad.

Xoom will be the first device to run Android’s latest operating system Honeycomb that supports multitasking which is specially designed for tablets. Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said that Xoom will be put into the market in the form of 3G in the first quarter of 2011 and all Xoom 3G can be upgraded to 4G later this year. “It is going to be the most competitive product in the market.” Xoom will be released through Verizon Wireless network.

Xoom is equipped with dual-core CPU, the display screen resolution is 1280X800. By using the post-positioned camera you can shoot 720p video. Actually, HD video will bring more visual enjoyment for you. But sometimes, you may need to convert this HD video to other video formats for other uses. Then a smart HD Video Converter is in urgent need here. It can successfully help you to convert HD video to almost all popular video formats. So if you have a plan to get approach to Motorola Xoom, you had better bring this versatile tool that can convert HD video with you. I am sure it will really be a perfect match.

It is still difficult to say whether the newly-released Motorola Xoom, but one thing for sure is that Apple iPad is not the only tablet any more. What will be the destiny of Xoom, let’s wait and see.

If you want to know more about the international CES 2011, please focus on this blog, more information will be followed.

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