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January 19, 2011

Watch Top 10 YouTube Videos in 2011 New Year Which You May Have Missed in 2010

According to statistics, YouTube video playing frequency has been up to 700 billion times and YouTube video uploading total time is over 13 million hours. Hence, it can be learned that YouTube has became the leader amid network video websites. In the following, there are top 10 YouTube Videos which you may have missed in 2010. You may either watch them online or download them with the help of Free YouTube Downloader which is able to download video from YouTube flawlessly. What’s more, if you want to have more visual enjoyments on you portable devices you just need to take advantage of FLV Converter that is capable of converting FLV to various popular video formats.

Then the top 10 YouTube videos come as follow:
10. Ken Block’s Gymkhana THREE, Part 2
YouTube video download link:
The drift series clips “Gymkhana 3 Part 2” from an American drift bedlamite—Ken Block.
9. Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan
YouTube video download link:
A 3-year-old little girl’s heart has been captured by a 15-year-old Canadian Super Star Justin Bieber. After a video in which the little girl cried for her beloved Justin has been exposed to Justin Bieber. She successfully won the chance to meet with her favorite star in a TV show.
8. Twilight: Elipse—Prevue
YouTube video download link:
Love between human being and vampire.
7. OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine version
YouTube video download link:
“This Too Shall Pass” MV from the American band OK Go. The 4-minute MV was accomplished within two-story Rude Goldberg Machine. The excellence lies in the perfect match of the voice and rhythm appeared in the whole process.
6. Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10
YouTube video download link:
It was a vulgar video about the incessant extremely comfortable cry from a man after he saw the double rainbow.
5. Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
YouTube video download link:
Shower gel for male Ad. It was a part of Old Spice’s virus marketing campaign. Within 3 days, they produced 100 short clips, each about 20 seconds.
4. Annoying Orange Wazzup
YouTube video download link:
It belongs to one of the Annoying Orange Series videos.
3. Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi
YouTube video download link:
A 13-year-old boy Greyson Michael Chance made a cover song of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. Because of the strong individual style, the song aroused the attention of Lady Gaga.
2. TIK TOK KESHA Parody: Glitter Puke – Key of Awe$ome #13
YouTube video download link:
The cover version of Kesha’s “Tik Tok”.
YouTube video download link:
This YouTube video was driven by the TV statement of a man from Alabama after his sister being assaulted. The man became a network favorite overnight.

OK, the above demonstrated are the top 10 YouTube videos in 2010. Have you ever watched them in the past 2010? If not yet, you can download them with Free YouTube Downloader and transfer them to whatever your portable players with FLV Converter in New Year 2011. By the way, if you find it interesting to watch YouTube videos you can also upload your videos to YouTube for online sharing. As we all know, most YouTube videos are FLV videos, so before you upload video to YouTube you need to use Video to FLV Converter to convert video to FLV. Whatever you choose, just have fun with YouTube.

December 22, 2010

Insert Youtube Video into PowerPoint 2007 in 2 Ways

I can see such questions almost everyday on Yahoo Answers:

  • I want a converted video from youtube to put in my powerpoint presentation but im not sure were i can download the video from or what video format i need. Thankyou

  • How do you put a youtube video onto Microsoft PowerPoint 2007?

  • How do you paste a youtube video itself onto a powerpoint slide?

So I made a slideshow on how to insert a Youtube Video into PowerPoint 2007. In the slideshow two methods are introduced:

1. Download Youtube video with Leawo Free Video Accelerator and then convert the video to .avi, .asf, .mpeg, or .wmv with Leawo Free FLV Converter.

2. Use the ActiveX Control-Shockwave Flash Object.

I’ve converted the slideshow to video too, just pick the one you like:

Slideshow: Insert Youtube Video into PowerPoint 2007 Video: Insert Youtube Video into PowerPoint 2007

Download Slideshow Watch on Youtube

How do you paste a youtube video itself onto a powerpoint slide?

December 20, 2010

Facebook Video Audience Grow Faster than YouTube's

According to the data from market research company ComScore, it shows that the video audience of Facebook grow much faster than YouTube’s.

ComScore said Facebook video audience has reached 41 million by this April, it grows 2 times compared with 13 million in the same period last year. While YouTube audience has increased 25% to reach 1.35 billion in total.

The competition with Google in video field is a very important strategic step for Facebook to be an influential video-sharing website. Another market research company Experian Hitwise says, the independent visitors number of Facebook has exceeded the one who visit Google the first time in March, Facebook has become the No.1 website which has the biggest traffic.

YouTube rivals are definitely a challenge for Google. Barclays capital analyst Doug Anmuth once said YouTube may begin to profit this year. However, Google did not disclose YouTube performance separately in the financial statement.

Market research firm Diffusion Group analyst Colin Dixon, the analyst from market research company Diffusion Group said: “Now, more and more users prefer to upload their own videos to internet and share with relatives and friends. In this circumstance, YouTube is most likely a public place, while Facebook has higher privacy.”

ComScore said, according to the number of audience, Facebook is 5th biggest video-sharing site after Google, Yahoo, News Corp and Vevo. Since April 2009, Facebook has more audience than AOL, Viacom, Microsoft and Hulu.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project said in its report recently, speaking of publishing video, social networking sites are more preferable than video sharing sites. According to a survey, 52% of respondents intend to upload videos to social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace etc, while 49% intend to upload to video-sharing sites like YouTube and so on.

The deputy director of Pew Internet and American Life Project, Kristen Purcell said Facebook users are developing higher demand of limiting people who can view their videos. 39% uploaders only allow relatives and friends to watch their videos, and 35% are very cautious when uploading videos to internet.

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December 19, 2010

A Great Thanksgiving Gift YouTube will Give to Deaf and Multi-Language Users – Auto-Generated Video Subtitle

It would be a great news for deaf and multi-language users that YouTube is planning to provide auto-generated subtitles for every video it plays. I would rather interpret it as a warm Thanksgiving gift given by YouTube to express its gratefulness to the loyal customers.

Google software engineer Ken Harrenstein once had demonstrated this new technology at a news conference, and explained the reasons – overcome the language barrier, improve the searching accuracy, etc. Ken Harrenstein said he has been developing this technology for the whole past five years.

YouTube auto-generated subtitle shall work simply in this way: click the button on the bottom right corner of video window to view it, you can even select the subtitle using the different language as the one spoken in the video.

YouTube has always been developing the technology to add video subtitles, partially because it wants to facilitate the video clip search. YouTube has granted its users to upload the subtitle for their own videos since 2008 , and later introduced the subtitle automatic generation technology exclusively for few co- partners, including the University of California-Berkeley and Yale University. Now, YouTube is going to promote the subtitle automatic generation technology for all the videos as long as the audio inside is clear enough to identify.

Google scientist Mike Cohen said subtitle technology integrates voice recognition and translation algorithm. This technology keeps improving, but not perfect yet.

Well, since we are talking about the subtitle, check the following ways that you can use to add to your regular everyday videos:

1. Select subtitles during the blu-ray/DVD to video conversion:

2. Select subtitles during the blu-ray/DVD duplication process:

With subtitles/texts, you can make this Thanksgiving Day more specific and visible. If you are too shy to express your thanks in words, write “Thank You” down and let them know. But do not be too shy! Happy Thanksgiving Day, guys!

December 16, 2010

YouTube Supports 4K Resolution Video – Super Duper Clear!

Google has announced recently that YouTube is able to support the super-duper clear video with the unbelievable resolution up to 4K. 4K video means the video with resolution up to 4096×3072, which is four times higher than the currently used 1080p HD television.

In spite of the high cost of shooting and producing a 4K movie, YouTube never says NO to the video with the currently highest resolution, though the source of 4K video is extremely limited.

YouTube engineer says the perfect screen for 4K videos is 25 inch and it can be only played in digital cinema now. Therefore, 4K video obviously equals to the current IMAX movie which takes 2 projectors with 2K resolution to play it.

Wondering what exactly the 4K videos look like on YouTube? Check it now and download it to your computer with just a click!

In order to enhance your ultimate watching experience on YouTube, we have embedded a YouTube IMAX Promo Video here for you to enjoy the crystal clear picture and sound quality. Only one requirement for that, make sure your computer configuration is as higher as it can be!

Player will show here

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