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September 29, 2011

Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone on October 4th” Event Marks the Beginning of iPhone 5 Launch

Apple has finally confirmed the October 4th “Let’s Talk iPhone” event at Apple’s Cupertino, California campus (10am PT), which most probably marks the beginning of iPhone 5 launch. With the tagline “Let’s talk iPhone”, obviously this will be an iPhone 5 focused media event, even though there is nothing mentioned on the iPhone 5 release in the invitations to members of major media outlets. The new Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will hold the big event that day.

Take a close look about the icons on the invitations and we may guess that:
1. Calendar – The media event date, on Tuesday, October 4th
2. Clock – Time when the iPhone event will begin, @ 10am
3. Map – Location where the media event will be held
4. Phone with a “number 1″–The meeting will focus on one iPhone, the No. 1 smartphone that will come out soon.

And what’s more, from the tagline “Let’s Talk iPhone”, we may even get some hints on the specs of the iPhone 5. The most significant point is that the iPhone 5 will be the first phone that will integrate the Siri voice assistant technology that Apple purchased in April 2010. The advanced iPhone 5 voice control system would be most probably named as Assistant by Apple, which has been quoted as “a great event for us in terms of our impact on the world“. The Assistant would intelligently record what you say to the phone and help you realize that. And to operate the voice Assistant, Apple has to make significant update to the hardware of iPhone 5, by adopting a dual-core A5 processor.

Additionally, it will include a whopping 1 GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, and a Qualcomm Gobi Baseband chipset that allows the iPhone to run on both CDMA and GSM networks. Plus the edge-to-edge high definition large screen (the screen size might be under 4 inches as reported) and its excellent video playback experience showed by its predecessors, it would be another best choice for you to freely watch HD videos on iPhone 5 freely.

However, if you wish an immediate shipping availability of the iPhone 5 since the October 4th event, you might be disappointed. According to some reports, the iPhone 5 might start shopping on October 14th. Therefore, you still have to wait for some time. Anyway, it would be so long for us to wait for the long anticipated iPhone 5.

Stay tuned for more information about the October 4th event and the iPhone 5 release details.

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September 27, 2011

FaceBook News: FaceBook iPad Apps Will Be Available with the Release of iPhone 5

According to the report by American technical blog Mashable, FaceBook will officially announce FaceBook iPad apps on Apple iPhone 5 release conference on October, 4, 2011. In addition to FaceBook iPad apps, it is predicted that FaceBook will also announce iPhone apps revised version as well as a mobile apps market bases on HTML5.

At the beginning of this year, it is reported that FaceBook is going to release iPad apps. As a matter of fact, the development of FaceBook apps has been finished for a long time. Some people say that the delay of FaceBook iPad apps lies in that the relationship between FaceBook and Apple has become tense during the past two years. For example, FaceBook Connect cancelled the link to Apple music social network Ping, because Apple did not confirm FaceBook that it would take up the bandwidth of FaceBook.

There has been rumor that FaceBook should be integrated into Apple iOS mobile operating system , but due to the inconformity on cooperation details, Apple finally chose to integrate the miniature blog Twitter to the latest generation iOS 5 operating system.

But with the goal to beat Google, Apple and FaceBook is gradually to take what they need from each other: Apple is without social platform while FaceBook is with mobile platform. And the sign the two companies reach to the top is that FaceBook will announce iPad apps on iPhone 5 release conference.

There has been report that FaceBook has established a mobile platform service plan called “Spartan Project”, with the aim to challenge Apple iOS platform and the relevant mobile services. “Spartan Project” employs the standard technology based on HTML5 and its target user group is mobile phone users. But the latest news shows that Apple has helped FaceBook on this project.

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September 23, 2011

Timeline Is Added to FaceBook as New Function

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On FB conference, CEO Zuckerburg has announced that facebook will add multitudinous new functions: the users can realize film, news and music sharing, in the meanwhile, they can write their own stories on facebook.

Timeline: Record stories and modify homepage

The first function that Zuckerburg offered to service is Timeline.

What the new function of facebook focuses on is “profile” adjustment. Facebook profile is equivalent to personal files and information, generally, it is a personal homepage. Zuckerburg points out that the previous “profile” is similar to 5 minutes in your past life; however, it is just like 15 minutes in your life after the upgrade; and the latest profile toady is able to comprise your whole life. Zuckerburg said: “If the core of Facebook experiencing is rethought , then Timeline will be the story of personal life.” The new personal Profile has more visual impact than the past version. To be frank, it is a little similar to the excellent Tumblr Blog (light blogging), it contains main three parts: all personal stories, all personal applications and the new ways to express “who are you”. Zuckerburg said: “We want to design a place where you can be feeling at Home.” The Timeline function can help users to realize the great homepage adjustment and to make out homepage which is exactly like magazines that it can include numerous pictures. What’s more, users can filter the pictures to fully control their own privacy.

Music, news and film sharing

Meanwhile, the homepage of Facebook can show the new programs and functions, people can find out and share music, films ,news and so on with the aim of it.

Collaborate with Netflix, Facebook has launched new programs; and users are allowed to play videos on Facekbook. People can admire the films and TV programs of Netflix while they can keep staying on Facebook. The users can click to watch the programs that other friends have ever seen on Facebook. The only thing you need to do is to click a popup player, there is no need log out Facebook. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is also one of board officers of Facebook, he has turned up in F8 plenary session. In “News Feed”, the users of Facebook can click the videos in YouTube and in Netflix. If you are American users, then the function is useless for the reason that the data used in Netflix is prohibited according to American laws. For all this, new functions will be still launched in 44 countries.

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September 21, 2011

HTC Bass IS Bound to Release in October with 4.7-inch Wide Screen

The mass “plentiful models” impels HTC to expose the information of their new-type phones every day, expect the 720p HD dual-core flagship HTC Vigo and the HTC Rhyme that are customized for the female, HTC Runnymede has been catching people’s attention for the reason that its official figure has been exposed and it has being reserved in Britain. However, according to the announced information of its retailer –handtec, the future name of HTC Runnymede will be HTC Bass, and it is predicted that it will go public officially on October this year.

Mounted Beats Audio Technology
In accordance with the information on the official blog of British retailer handtec, this type of cell phone will be go public together with female MP on about October this year. In the meanwhile, the published official figure shows that a red Beats Audio mark has been printed on the back of this phone body. It means that this cell phone is also characterized with excellent acoustic fidelity compared with up-to-date released HTC Sensation X.
However,according to the past exposed information, the Beats by Dr. Drerandom earphone will be in the random packaging; and it can adjust the autoFit output setting automatically: showing gigantic, powerful low pitch and distinct, natural acoustic fidelity. The cell phone with line controller has the function of free speakerphone and volume, chapters controlling

4.7-inch Touch Screen
Although this cell phone which is expert in perfect acoustic do not has something special in shape, the pure white phone body and insufficient 10 millimeter thickness can manufacture particular “eye effect”. However, the most attractive point of it is that it is equipped with 4.7-inch touch screen; and it also supports qHD resolution, so it is believable that the visual effect of “hand cinema” can not be refused by most of people. What the shortcoming is that it is not equipped with dual-core processor because of its market positioning, instead, it is equipped with 1.5GHz mononuclear processor.

8-million-pixel Camera
HTC Bass is also with 768MB RAM, 16GB storage space, embedded 8-million-pixel camera, LED fill light, supports automatic focus and 720p HD video recording. And in order to deal with the low light environment, it adopts illuminated CMOS sensor and equips the 28mm wide-angle lens with f/2.2 large aperture.
In addition, HTC Bass is also with 1.3-million-pixel front-facing camera, supports video call, HSDPA high-speed network and Wi-Fi wireless internet. Other functions like BlueTooth 3.0 technology, GPS navigation, 3.5mm earphone interface, FM radio and double microphones are also included in this smartphone.

Release on October
Information provided by the English retailer that HTC Bass will make an official release on October, and until then there will be a 16GB version and a 32GB version for users’ options, and it will be put into the market on November.

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September 19, 2011

Top 5 Main Functions of Windows 8

Microsoft have made an inventory of the main functions of Windows 8, they presented a new image of Windows 8 with Macroscopic Angle. If you still have an ambiguous concept to Windows 8, it is sure that you will have clearer understandings to Windows 8 after you had read this article.

1. Optimized UI that focuses on touch operations
(1) Metro style
The bran-new Metro interface have been brought in to Windows 8, this interface have the following advantages: convenience to users to run touch operations, live View of useful information and applicability for mouse and keyboard operation
(2) Optimized browse that focuses on touch operations (Not confine to touch devices)
The websites are set up in the home position of Windows 8 device in order to provide the users with a faster and smoother touch browsing experience.

2. More methods to intensify and connect application programs
(1). The application program is the core
Your experience, full screen interface that provided for application program and your high attention to it are the focuses of Windows 8 Metro interface.
(2).The application program can cooperate whole heartedly
The application program has the function of “communication” in Windows 8; for example, you can send photos (including which are in Facebook、Flickr or your local files) to your e-mail breezily at different places.
(3). You can have same experience in different devices
You can get all the contents that are needed in life through Cloud Service—Picture, E-mail, calendar and address book, you device can keep these contents updated constantly. In the meanwhile, by means of SkyDrive, you can wherever and whenever acquire the latest pictures, files and so on through browser or the application program with Windows 8 Metro Style.

3. Performance enhancement
(1). Perfecting Windows 7
Compared with Windows 7, Windows 8 have some improvements on the aspects of Performance, safety, privacy and system stability, what’s more, more space can be provided to your application program for the reason that the RAM occupation is reduced, it can even run smoothly on the most low-end hardware. Everything that can run on Windows 7 also can run on Windows 8.
(2). Easier to manage
Windows 8 has perfected Task Manager and Resource Manager (Ribbon interface), meanwhile, it provided the easier bran-new multi-screen settings options.

4. More opportunities can be provided for developers
(1)Windows Store
Wherever has Windows, Windows Store can help the developers to sell their own application programs to all over the world.
(2). Support more languages
It is allowed that the developers can do the programming on the basis of the in hand languages; and it compatibles with C、C++、C#、VB、HTML、CSS、JavaScript、XAML and so on.
(3). Hardware integration brings richer experience (Especially fore the Game)
It supports DirectX 11, developers can set up full screen games easily and acquire the smooth operation expedience.

5. New generation hardware
(1) A Windows with multiple patterns
Windows 8 supports ARM chipsets, x86 framework equipments; and it had transferred from 10’’ tablet PC to 27’’HD screen devices.
(2) Hot standby
Thanks to Windows 8,the ultrathin PC and the tablet PC can realize WSWink–Start function. Being charged once, it can work constantly for one day, what is more, it can keep your PC realize the network interconnection function constantly.
(3)Develop the PC proficiency totally
Windows 8 can be compatible with Windows 7 PC and the current application programs.

September 9, 2011

Verizon BlackBerry Torch 9850 Will be Put on Sale Officially on September 8

According to the exposed information of foreign media, the Verizon customized Blackberry Torch 9850 will be put on sale in America on September 8th this year. The screenshot of Verizon internal system shows that Blackberry Torch 9850 will begin to presell by means of Verizon website and phone call, however, the cell phones can be bought on Verizon bricks-and-mortar shops since September 15th. As for the price of Blackberry Torch 9850, there is no an exact piece of news of Verizon.

The Blackberry traditional entity QWERTY keyboard has been used on Blackberry Torch 9850 again. Instead, 3.7’’ touch screen (480×800 pixels ) will be adopted on this type of cell phone, and the screen has been the biggest one among the present exposed and released screens of Blackberry. In the meanwhile, the global settings of it are powerful for the reason that it is characterized with 1.2 GHz uninuclear processor, 768MB RAM and the latest BlackBerry 7 system. Besides, a build-in camera with 5 million pixels t on the reverse side of the phone body can record 720p HD videos.

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