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March 23, 2012

2012 April Fool’s Day Wallpapers, Pictures and Screensavers Free Download

April Fool’s Day also called All Fool’s Day which evolves whimsy and tomfoolery, is the 1st Day in April. It is celebrated in the USA, India, France, Portugal, Sweden and Norway. There are various origins of April Fool’s Day. The tradition of playing practical jokes on friends was part of the celebrations of this day. It’s time to begin thinking and planning several great pranks before the coming of April Fool’s Day. This day is marked by some practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, enemies and neighbors. Besides April Fool’s Day pranks, how can you enjoy the day to the utmost? Perhaps you can decorate your desktop with new funny April Fool’s Day wallpapers, pictures or screensavers. Here are some choices for your options. Free download April Fool’s Day wallpapers, pictures and screensavers.

Top 20 Great April Fool’s Day Jokes, Tricks and Pranks for Teasing
2012 April Fool’s Day: History, Common Traditions and Practices

January 22, 2012

Top 20 Great April Fool’s Day Jokes, Tricks and Pranks for Teasing

What is April Fool’s Day? The answer may like this: April Fool’s Day is all about jokes, tricks and pranks. Without doubt, the above mentioned are the most fun part of the Day. On this All Fool’s Day, everyone can be a mischievous child.

April Fools’ practical jokes, tricks and pranks should be done in good fun and not meant to harm anyone. The best jokes, tricks and pranks are the clever ones where everyone laughs, especially the person who had the joke played on them. Have you thought of some safe but fun ideas on that light-hearted day? If not yet, you might as well take a look at the top 20 great April Fool’s Day jokes, tricks and pranks for teasing in the following:

Wait, do not forget to record what the victims act! You can make fun of them in the later boring days. If win the permission of the victims, you can upload video to YouTube and set as a classic prank on April Fool’s Day. If you need April Fool’s Day prank video, you can also download YouTube video. Now, pick up what you need:

1. Scrape the cream out of oreo cookies and fill them with white toothpaste!.
2. Switch the signs for Mens and Ladies toilets … watch the fun !
3. Grab a bunch of alarm clocks, set them to alarm at very early times in the morning and hide them all around different places at your victims room!
4. Superglue some coins to the sidewalk or any spot that has a lot of people walking around. Make sure it’s an appropriate place, then watch people break fingernails to get the coins.
5. Fill a glass with water. Add food dye so it matches the color of whatever juice you have in your refrigerator. Serve the “juice” to your family. They will be expecting something sweet and getting water so it will taste funny at first. Don’t forget to watch the funny faces they make!
6. Borrow someone’s cell phone and change the language setting to a foreign language.
7. Switch the Push and Pull signs on a set of doors.
8. Bring multiple sets of clothes to work, change every hour, and act like nothing’s different.
9. Add several odd appointments with alarms set to go off during the day to a co-worker’s Outlook calendar.
10. Hide all of the desktop icons on someone’s computer and replace the monitor’s wallpaper with a screen-shot of their desktop.
11. Take the door knob off a door and put it back on backwards, then lock it and leave the door open.
12. Leave a note on someone’s car apologizing for an accident that never actually happened.
13. Place a ‘house for sale’ ad in the newspaper for someone’s home.
14. Place a pair of pants and shoes inside the only toilet stall in a rest room to make it appear someone is using it all day.
15. Tape magnets to the bottom of a cup, put it on the roof of your car and drive around.
16. Install the Blue Screen of Death screen-saver on someone’s computer.
17. Leave cryptic notes warning someone of an impending prank then do nothing all day.
18. Hide a small radio in the ceiling tiles above someone’s desk and turn it on very softly.
19. Turn every setting in someone’s car to the maximum: the heat, the radio, the wipers, the seats, etc.
20. Add food coloring to milk that comes in a cardboard container.

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2012 April Fool’s Day: History, Common Traditions and Practices

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October 30, 2011

April Fools’ Day Pranks—Cracking Everybody Up in April on 2011

April Fools, April Fools, April Fools’ Day is just around the corner. To fool or to be fooled, that’s a question and also it is your own choice.

The so-called April Fools’ Day means making fun of fools, of course people be fooled nowadays are not all fools. Everybody just wants to play a trick on each other and gets a kick out of these harmless jokes. Being fooled on this special day is actually an interesting matter so never get into a fight when being fooled by your friends. It is just a mutual teasing.

If you haven’t got any ideas how to play trick on the other people, you can go to YouTube where there are many good ideas. You can also download them with free YouTube downloader for further learning. And you can also follow the April Fools’ Day pranks below.

As an ultimate trickster, several conditions are necessary: fastness, steadiness, flexibleness and preciseness.

Fastness: You have to get everything done in the shortest time. And also you can make a quick escape when being found to avoid revenge.

Steadiness: You must have the ability to control the whole cheating process to prevent any discrepancies so as to achieve to best effect.

Flexibleness: You must have a quick wit, a wide scope of knowledge, and then you can cheat the other people in various ways.

Preciseness: You have to figure out the right target.
1.      Toothpaste Layer Cake
Unpack the layer cake and remove the original filling. Take out the toothpaste and squeeze an appropriate amount to the layer cake. Bond the two pieces of layer cake and make it like the genuine one. You have to put it in an obvious place and you had better prepare some original layer cakes, eating the original layer cake while watching TV. I do believe someone will automatically come to taste it.

2.      Ordering Songs
Make a call to someone in an official tone, and then follow the words like this: This is Music Radio, an X gentleman or X lady orders a special song for you. Please press on the “#” button to listen to it. Then hit on something that will make a loud noise near the phone. Before the opposite side reacts to this you say in this way: Thanks for listening and Happy April Fools’ Day, Goodbye!

3.      Computer Image Editing
When the target is away from the computer or intentionally put off by your members, minimize all the active windows and drag the taskbar to the top of the screen. Capture the present desktop with the help of some screen hunters. Use the captured picture as the setting for desktop and then you will see what can be called “Madness”.

4.      Elevator Trick
Place a stinkpot in the elevator and sit on it. When the elevator door open, look at the people waiting outside in a thunderstruck way.

Or place the office table in the elevator. When people walk into it you ask them whether they have made an appointment.

5.      Special Flavored Cola
Mix the cola with vinegar, soy, salt, mustard and the other seasonings. When you meet someone you are quite familiar with, pretending that you are drinking it and passing it to him or her. Without doubt, he or she will drink it when thanking for your kindness.

6.      Uncompressing
Send an anonymous email to a beautiful lady and marked as “Do you hear my heart?” It is for certain that she will download it and uncompress it emotionally. And then the endless uncompressing will waiting for her, and until the end it can only be a funny face marked as “Happy April Fools’ Day”.

All right, the above are the 2011 April Fools’ Day Pranks. If you carry out them and consider they are funny. You can also upload them to YouTube for public sharing with the help of a free video to FLV converter. Wish you to have the happiest April Fools’ Day ever.

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October 23, 2011

Top 10 Classical April Fools 2011 Hoaxes for You to Make Fun in Office Bustle and Hustle

Which day will make you want to flee away from your office? Old friends at work become villains and keep making you embarrassing and tormenting. But laughter is always the melody of the story. Can you guess it out? Of course, not a day except April Fools’ Day has this magic power.

Most people admitted that they have played tricks on their colleagues or have been fooled by them in the past. It is a tradition for people to play pranks on each other on April Fools’ Day. Doubtlessly, office—a formal occasion in ordinary days, can be easily picked up for people to play tricks. May be it is rather difficult for you to have fun under great pressure and this day is the best excuse for you to release pressure.

According to the result of the result, the most common hoaxes in office including pretending to resign, sticking the office supplies to the desk and coating the colleague’s seat with aluminized paper and so on. And the here comes with the result from website investigating officers, what impress people most in office on April Fools’ Day are hoaxes below:
1. Putting a pair of pants and shoes in the only partition in men’s room and position will seemingly reveal someone is using the toilet. And until a few hours later, someone calls the police to confirm whether there is a dead in men’s room.
2. Impersonating a colleague to write a piece of love note to another colleague.
3. Ladies in the office tell the boss that they are pregnant respectively. And by midday, the boss will know that all his female employees are pregnant and he still can not tell anyone, because each of them requires him to keep the mouth shut.
4. Making a call to the power company to say that your colleague is going to move out so the electricity supply should be cut off at once.
5. Filling the automatic soda water dispenser with beer.
6. Playing a trick on the seat of the boss and then he or she will become a laughing stock when presiding over the staff meeting.
7. Sticking a notice to the toilet door “The bathroom tissues already consumed, please use your self-provided paper”.
8. Informing one of the colleagues the CEO want to talk with him or her through the office address equipment. And the coming of the colleague will bewilder the CEO.
9. Coating all goods in you colleague’s seat with contractile film.
10. Advertising on the newspaper that your colleague’s house is on sale now.

April Fools’ Day is just around the corner and do you have any idea to play tricks on people? And I also want to remind you that you should make a balance, never go too far. Have fun, buddy!

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March 23, 2011

Something You Should Know About April Fools’ Day—General Knowledge Necessary to Help You Better Enjoy This Day

The origin of April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is also called All Fools’ Day, the traditional folk festival in both American and other countries in the west. April Fools’ Day is similar to Hilaria from ancient Rome and Holi from India. Seen from the view of time, the weather changes suddenly so it seems that it is the nature play a trick on human beings. As to the origin of April Fools’ Day, there are many statements. A statement says that it comes from a festival in India on which people can make fun of each other and play tricks on each other, regardless of male or female, elder or youngster.

 The custom of April Fools’ Day

The most typical activities on April Fools’ Day still go to making fun of each other and playing tricks on each other. Some people will throw the fine string tied wallet to the street and then hide in dark corner; they will haul the wallet away once it is picked up by someone. Other people will put a brick under a worn cap and then wait to see who will kick on it. Children will told their parents that there is a hole in their bag or there is a speck on their face, when adults lean over to have a look they will fool them as April fools. Zoos and aquariums will also receive calls from fishes to lions which will annoy the staffs much, so usually they will cut off the telephone line to avoid bothering.

 The legend of April Fools’ Day

In 1564, the French king decided to adopt the new chronology—the Gregorian calendar, known as the solar calendar today. It set January 1 as the beginning of the year but not April 1. But some conservatives were against this reform and sending New Year gifts on April 1 according to the old calendar. Reform advocators mocked these people. On April 1, they gave those fake gifts and invited them to fake parties. From then on, playing tricks on April 1 has become a tradition. When people were cheated, the player would cry out “POISSON D’AVRIL” which meant “April prank”.

 April Fools’ Day in modern times

New age endows April Fools’ Day with new content, more and more hoaxes have been dug out by people. Except for the old tricks, people begin to play tricks on people with new technologies. For example, some computer programs will help you to carry out these April Fools’ hoaxes. You can also download a piece of funny video from the internet with free FLV downloader. And then you can convert FLV to video in any formats. Funny videos can arouse happy mood, when you share it with the other people they receive your laughter at the same time. And if is not funny enough, you can also create a funny video by yourself. For example, the video in which you are saying your last words may shock people around you and your have achieve the goal in this April Fools’ Day.

 And now I guess you have got something about April Fools’ Day. Are you ready for it? Fool or be fooled? LOL…

December 29, 2010

Top 10 Harmless Geek Pranks for April Fools' Day

April Fools’ Day is coming soon, do you have any good ideas on how to fool your family or your friends on that special day? Since the dawn of time, geeks have been playing harmless pranks on their beloved (but unsuspecting) associates, and it’s up to all of us to carry the torch forward. On the eve of April Fools’ Day, when you’ve got local network access to your coworkers’ and family systems, cubicles just crying out to be filled with packing peanuts, and webapps that can do all sorts of things automatically, there’s no better time to baffle, confuse, perplex, and just plain mess with your loved ones and associates. Hit the jump for the top 10 favorite harmless geek pranks for April Fools’ Day, just in time to get your prankster pistons firing for April Fools’ Day.

PowerPoint Presentation: Top 10 Harmless Geek Pranks for April Fools’ Day

PowerPoint Video: Top 10 Harmless Geek Pranks for April Fools’ Day

Hopefully these harmless geek pranks will bring you a pretty happy April Fools’ Day! If you like, you can make a PowerPoint video about your happy moments when you or others around you are  fooled, it must be a good memory to always take along with you by mobile devices (like iPod, iPhone, cellphone) or share with video sharing sites (like Youtube, Hulu, Metacafe, DailyMotion).

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