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April 9, 2012

2012 Easter Sunday Celebration Raiders: Easter Video Processing & Sharing

Finally, Easter Sunday 2012 makes a grand appearance. On this Christian Day, how do you celebrate the renaissance of everything? Easter eggs drawing, church going may be the routines on Easter Day. What about the activities in the evening? Preparing a big dinner and holding a big Easter Party will be your good choices. During the happy times, you may use your camera to take pictures or DV to shoot videos for memory saving. This blog focuses on teaching you how to process your Easter video and how to share the video with your family members and other friends.

In the first part, let me introduce some tips for you to process your Easter video.
The first tip is to burn video to DVD/BD disc for playing. Lots of video clips may occupy much memory space, so you may need to burn the videos into discs for eternal backup. And this task will be a piece of cake with a DVD Creator which can take all media files into use and then output DVD discs with rich features. Looking for a two-in-one program that can make DVD/BD, Blu-ray Creator will be your best option.
The second tip is to convert video to 3D for playing on 3D devices. Common 2D videos do not have a life-like effect, so it is quite funny when you convert 2D videos to 3D ones. Nowadays, hot movies are in 3D and there is a trend that more and more people are inclined to 3D videos. How to get 3D videos from 2D videos? A 3D Video Converter which is endowed with the function of 3D conversion will surely do you a favor.

In the second part, let me recommend you some tips to make an extensive sharing of your Easter video.
Firstly, you can upload video to YouTube and other video sharing website. When referring to online video uploading, the biggest problem you have to tackle with is video format compatibility. Videos downloaded from online video sharing websites are often in formats like FLV, F4V, so it is best for you to convert video to FLV or convert video to F4V. You Easter videos will be shared by friends all over the world and you can also download YouTube videos for enjoying.
Secondly, you can transfer video to portable devices including mobile phones, tablets PC, MP4, MP5 and other media players for appreciating on the go. When you feel bored on a journey way, you can review these happy memories. Watching videos to kill time is better than snoring all the dull way.

Have you got some video prepared for processing? If you do not think of any other ideas on how to deal with your Easter videos, you can take the above advices for references. Hope it can help you and enjoy yourself, buddies!

March 7, 2012

2012 International Women’s Day Gifts Ideas: Well-chosen Presents for Her

Hooray, it is International Women’s Day again, unique for female compatriots. Marked on March 8 every year, it is a great chance to show respect, appreciation and love towards women. Have you prepared something special for your female friends, mothers, girlfriends and wives? The annual festival for female may bother lots of guys. Buying something expensive will be a waste of money, sending something ordinary will be out of innovativeness, so what stuffs will be more suitable for celebrating this special for female? So with the development of high technology, sending gifts is not limited to those wheezy stuffs, you can find something new to send as gifts. In the following, I will list some unique presents for you and I am quite sure that you can pick up one and send to your special “her”.

Memories for Her
May be you and her have spent thousands of moments in the past days, so of course there are so many video clips which carve your beautiful memories. Picking up those beautiful memories for her may be one of the most awesome gifts for her. You can burn video to DVD/Blu-ray disc for locking the beauty, convert video to iPad HD new and laugh with her again, upload video to YouTube and share your happiness with others, etc.

Diary—Save What’s Happening Now 
Many women love to write daily happenings. If your unique “her” loves to maintain a diary, gift her one to make her jot down all the events and memorize them forever!

Cook for Her
None of the ideas can work best than cooking for her on the special day. Give her a break from the kitchen work by cooking! You can prepare her favorite recipes and treat her like a princess or queen! If you are not so good at cooking, you can also download YouTube Women’s Day recipes and follow.

Shopping with Her
Every woman is a shopaholic though many may not accept it. This is one of the all time famous and hit ideas to celebrate women’s day. Take the woman of your life out and let her shop.

You can also choose gifts according to the need of woman. Some people give home apparatus, clothes etc during Women’s days. What you need to do is to select the best one suitable for the woman whom you are giving the gift. Enjoy the female day!


December 22, 2011

Christmas Recipes: How to Cook Christmas Dinner?

It is probably the biggest meal you will cook all year, and it is all easy to get completely stressed out. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve cooked a perfect Sunday roast – Christmas Day is different. And the pressure is on. Nevertheless, you have to start to think of a Christmas recipes under great pressure for the reason that your family members and your friends may be looking forward for the fantastic Christmas party with gorgeous Christmas dinner. In this article, you will get ideas on Christmas dinner cooking to reduce everything down to manageable chunks. And it is for sure that you will cook up a veritable feast for family and friends.

As turkey is traditional for Christmas, so add it to Christmas dinner menus. There may be tons of ways to roast a Christmas turkey, some are of good reputation and others are of infamy. As Christmas turkey is the core of an awesome Christmas dinner, so you must choose the best way to roast your Christmas turkey. In the following, it is a turkey roasting video from YouTube which presents a perfect way to cook Christmas turkey. You can download YouTube video and learn how to cook a wonderful turkey.

How to make Christmas roast potatoes? Download YouTube video here!

How to cook Christmas roast beef? Free download YouTube video with this!

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October 24, 2011

2011 Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Patterns: Carve Your Favorite Halloween Jack O’ Lantern

Before we start to talk about the Halloween pumpkin Lantern Patterns, let’s have a look at the definition from Wikipedia: A jack-o’-lantern is typically a carved pumpkin. It is associated chiefly with the holiday of Halloween and was named after the phenomenon of strange light flickering over peat bogs, called ignis fatuus or jack-o’-lantern. In a jack-o’-lantern, typically the top is cut off, and the inside flesh then scooped out; an image, usually a monstrous face, is carved onto the outside surface, and the lid replaced. At night, a light is placed inside to illuminate the effect.

A Halloween festival without a pumpkin lantern can not be said as perfect. Whether it’s simply carving a pumpkin to sit on the door step for Halloween night or holding a pumpkin carving party with your friends and family, this age old tradition is a main event for young and old alike.

As the most popular fruit in Halloween, pumpkins at the size of anywhere from small to gigantic are usually bought to make Jack O’ Lantern as a tradition. It has been a common practice to carve a monstrous face on the pumpkin and lit an eerie light in its emptied bowel. The carving is an art itself, which has aroused countless inspirations and inventions on the face design as decades went by. You can always wield your wisdom to invent your own patterns. But you should keep in mind that the pumpkins are to decorate your home and parties, therefore it is important to choose a right carving pattern to reflect your genius and wow your friends. Looking for ideas? This article has collected some for you.

To make it most scary, the mouth is always the point to emphasize. Wide open mouth and jagged teeth are the most frightening in human instinct. You can always make it worse by distorting the face, removing the nose or adding more eyes to gain horrible impact. Remember that you should always place such thrilling pumpkins on open grounds if you don’t know whether there is a heart patient in the party. It is really chilling to your spine to see one of them giving out lights flapping in the dark.

To make it less aggressive and more human, you can carve all kinds of human face look on the pumpkins, whether it is smile, laugh, angry, sneeze, exclaim, surprise, numb, lovely, cry, tired, frown, sick or any other expressions. You may also put the face of the people you know or the one who is coming on the pumpkins to be a welcome symbol. If you are lack of inspiration, check the patterns below and see if they help.

Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Patterns 1

Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Patterns 2

Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Patterns 3

Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Patterns 4

Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Patterns 5

There is also a YouTube video on how to carve a pumpkin for Halloween. You can download this video with Leawo Free YouTube Downloader. And you can also get more Halloween pumpkin carving tips on the internet. Just enjoy the pumpkin lantern carving process to the outmost.

August 9, 2011

iPad Supported: Google Has Unveiled Google+ iOS Upgraded Version

On Monday, Google has unveiled the upgraded version of Google+ iOS with iPad support function. The latest version of Google+ was the latest update since Google has launched a series of updated software at the end of June. These constant updates will drive the rapid increase of Google+. It has had more than 25 million users over a month.

Except the functions of iPad support and defects repairing, the new version iOS always provides some updates to common users of iOS. what the most attractive is that  some new functions have been added to the free mobile chat function “huddles” of Google+; In the applying of the new version, users can hide “huddles”, set the permission of your chat buddies and start the new functions of “huddles” on configuration tab.

Google+ has been criticized for the reason that it lacked of the iOS application when it was launched for the first time. However, Google promised that it has submitted the application program to Apple to authorize .The iPhone application program that was used in Google+ service has went in public in the middle of July. Google + increases rapidly in the free application ranking list of apple stores. At present, Google has added the function of iPad and iPod Touch support with the aim of new version software.

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May 11, 2011

Download YouTube Ultimate Dog Tease Video for Appreciating: Incredible Talking Dog Ranks YouTube Top 10 Trend Videos

Can your pet talk? Have you ever made a dialogue with your pet or have you ever teased your pet with food? Don’t attempt to cover it up for this can not be called madness and I know you have done it, perhaps more than once. LOL…So I guess you must eager to know what your pet is thinking of when you talk something important to him or her, like food. Recently, a YouTube video—Ultimate Dog Tease catches millions’ eyes. Although an old video one week ago, it remains a rapid upward trend.

 In Ultimate Dog Tease video, a dog and its owner talk to each other about all the awesome, tasty food in the fridge. The owner teases the dog by telling him how he took all the bacon and beef and good stuff and ate it for himself, without giving the dog any. The owner even goes so far as to say that he made a special treat for the cat! He wants bacon only!!! But his owner teases him with nothing. How blue do you think he will be?

 A number of the talking dog videos on YouTube are fun enough, but with incredible timing and a really cute dog, this one takes the cake. You can download YouTube Ultimate Dog Tease and then share it with your friends. You can convert video to iPhone or convert video to mobile phone of any brands. If you also have such an awesome talking dog or talking cat, you can also upload it to YouTube with the help of a Video to FLV Converter which can convert any video to FLV video that suits YouTube the most.

 Thumbs up if this made your day!!! This talking dog is a bit like a kid that misses cake more than anything. So cute and just enjoy it!!!

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