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June 15, 2011

Apple to Release iPhone 5 in September

There is a question sweeping the internet these days, on forums, blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, Yahoo Answer and more popular Network Medias: When will iPhone 5 be released or what is the release date of iPhone 5? Apple fans are talking a lot about iPhone 5 and can’t wait to unveil its true features.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference had just called an end last week without iPhone 5 being released so it’s time for the rumour mill to get started. Thousands of rumors flooding over the internet as WWDC came to the end. According to regular rules, Apple has taken the advantage of its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco to unveil the new iPhone. The iPhone 3G, the 3GS and the iPhone 4 were all announced at WWDC but this year Apple chose to focus on software but not the release of iPhone 5.

 The latest rumors suggest that the next iPhone will be available in September. The new iPhone has reached the final testing phase. But whether the device released in September will be iPhone 5 or a slightly souped-up version of the iPhone 4, to be named iPhone 4S or something similar has not been confirmed.

 In the past few years, Apple has announced upgrades to its iPod series versions in September, just at the point of the holiday season. If the new iPhone is announced in September, its arrival would coincide with the launch of the new version of iOS 5, the operating system that runs iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which was announced at WWDC. It is not Apple’s style to declare its plans in advance and that is why the pre-announcement of the contents of the WWDC keynote were such a surprise. It’s possible that this is a permanent shift in Apple’s annual schedule, with iOS being updated at WWDC to give developers time to upgrade their apps before a new iPhone in September.

 Let’s wait for the coming of the new iPhone 5. And before you can get access to the latest iPhone, you can get some iPhone programs to enrich digital life with iPhone device, for example, a Video to iPhone Converter (Mac iPhone Converter) that enables you to appreciate any videos, movies on iPhone.

December 30, 2010

Ikea iPhone App Combines with iPhone Video Converter: Double Swords to Dress up Your Home for New Year 2011 Easily

New Year 2011 is around the corner, you may be busy with your home decorating. What style do you want it be to toast to the New Year? Do you apt to the Modern style or traditional style? Ikea—the largest home furnishing supplier in the world can bring you with inspirations. The annual household product catalogues released by Ikea are viewed as the representative of the popular trends in the global household products. And at the dawn of 2011, Ikea brings forth something fresh to Ikea fans: to release its product catalogues on the most popular smartphone—iPhone worldwide.

It is the first for Ikea to promote its products on iPhone. Although it is a simple iPhone App, it treats the consumers to a full-screen picture of all products in 2010. At least, it can be marked as the intuitive shopping experiencing software for consumers. You do not have to carry those paper catalogues with you any longer since you can have a general look on your iPhone. What if the motionless Ikea product pictures on iPhone screen can not meet your demand completely? You can also transfer some wonderful videos about Ikea to your iPhone for more visual enjoyment. Perhaps some good decorating ideas will come to the fore.

There remains the question of how to convert videos like “100 cats set loose in Ikea” to your iPhone. As we know that not all the video formats are compatible with iPhone, so you have to convert videos to iPhone video MP4 format for playback videos on iPhone. For this reason, a smart iPhone Video Converter is required here. How to realize it? The specific steps are as follows:
1. Download, install and run iPhone Video Converter.
2. Add your Ikea videos to the program and adjust video effect if necessary.
3. Start to convert and you can get the target as soon as possible.

By the way, if you are Mac user you can also get approach to Mac iPhone Converter and follow the above guide in the same way. If you have the other portable devices, you can also feel free to visit this New Year Special Offer site to find out your corresponding software.

“Home—It’s how it makes you feel. Happy Inside!” Do you still remember this warm advertisement from Ikea? In the upcoming New Year 2011, you must hope to decorate yourself a home which will make you feel happy inside. Then, what are you waiting for? With Ikea iPhone App and the practical iPhone Video Converter, I am quite sure that you can quickly find out the New Year home decorating ideas. Just have fun and Happy New Year!!! (*^__^*)……

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