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July 29, 2011

Two New Types of HTC Phones with Mango System Be Put into the Market in September Possibly

Although HTC has done a solid trade on the market with its Android System, it did not slack on the development of new phones with Window Phone system. After the exposure of two types of new phones (HTC Omega and HTC Eternity) with Mango System which were designed for the high-end market, recently, another two types of new phones (TC Ignite and HTC Prime) with Microsoft System have turned up on the on-line sale website: Phone House.
Although more valuable information has not been revealed on the website, the two cell phones with Windows Phone system have been exposed in March, so it can predict that it will be soon officially launched in the market.

New Design with Sideslipping QWERT
It is believable that the publics will not be unfamiliar with the two types of HTC cell phones with Windows Phone System. Early in March, together with the ultimate dual-core HTC Sensation named “Pyramind”, the tow types of cell phones have ever been exposed. Compared to HTC Sensation, there is no doubt that the HTC Prime with Sideslipping QWERT design deserves more attention. In the meanwhile, on the aspect of part of the hardware configuration, it seems that HTC Prime is more remarkable than the two previous types of Sideslipping QWERT phones: HTC 7 Pro andHTC Arrive. Such as on the aspect of the size of touch screen, although the WVGA resolution specification has being used continually, the size has been upgraded from 3.6 inch to 3.7 inch , and there will have some changes on the visual effect at least.
It is not yet clear what upgrades the other hardware configurations of the cell phone will have because of the limited information; and its functions such as 512MB RAM, build-in auto-focus 5 million pixels camera , WLAN Wireless LAN Access, Bluetooth—are not much different than the previous functions .

800MHz Processor
AS for the synchronous exposure cell phone: HTC Ignite, it is characterize of fruity modeling, smooth fuselage line and delectable frame processing with metallic simple sense .However, the real special point of this cell phone is that it is equipped with 800MHz GHz Qualcomm processor, and it has never been used in the previous cell phones with Windows Phone7 system.
Nevertheless, HTC Ignite does not have the inherent advantage of other functions: 3.7’’ WVGA DP touch screen, build-in 5 million pixels camera, 3.5G network, 2Mbps (MAX) uplink speed and 7.2Mbps (MAX) downlink speed

Mango System
Although the system edition of the two types of cell phones has not been mentioned in its first time of exposure, according to current situation, it will be equipped with the latest Mango system which is characterize of more integrated services. Apart from improving the functions of multimedia and Xbox LIVE in games, Mango will add some new functions: Real-time navigation of build-in map, Bing Audio/Video, 16 languages (including Chinese), Handwriting input and more than 500 other items of function improvement.
AS for other functional configurations of these two types of HTC cell phones (HTC Omega and HTC Eternity), because of the regular functional configurations of Microsoft Smartphone, the DLNA function which has been used on HTC new cell phones (such as HTC Eternity) should be continually used on these two types of phones in spite of the limited information. It means that it can realize the functions of multimedia playback and file transferring and sharing with the help of other compatible WiFi equipments.

At present, the release date of the two types of cell phones has been unknown, but what can be confirmed is that it will go public in autumn for the reason that Microsoft Mango System is predicted to be launched around in September. And with the first exposure of HTC Ignite and HTC Prime, it implies that there are four types of cell phones (HTC Eternity and HTC Omega included) with Mango System will go public in the future.

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So You Think You Can Dance Review: Lady Gaga Cried on Dancers’ Performance

So You Think You Can Dance is an American dance competition as well as a reality show that airs on Fox in the United States. This TV series started from July 20, 2005. All competitors have to go through a rigorous audition process. And when the competition comes to the end, there are about 10 to 20 dancers of different styles are selected to complete on TV nationally. During the final course, the dancers are assigned various dancing styles and partners each week to test their versatility.

This TV series is popular around America and recently Lady Gaga was invited as the special guest to the hot show, and moved by the dancers and their endeavor on dancing, she cried on So You Think You Can Dance Live Show. The dancers were in 12 performances and let’s have a review on some dancers on So You Think You Can Dance with the pop female singer Lady Gaga on the spot.

Sasha & Pasha – Quickstep (Jonathan Roberts)
The beginning of their dance was a little bit over exaggerated. And although it was an excellent dancing performance it could be forgotten soon.

Caitlynn & Ivan – Hip-Hop 9Marty Kudelka)
The dancing style is of reminiscent mood, just as the song they chose. And Ivan is more like a contestant rather than a star.

Jordan & Ade –Jazz (Tyce Diorio)
Tyce implemented all of Jordan’s flexibility and sex kitten attitude to her full potential. The assisted lifts and jumps looked easy with Ade easily lifting and throwing her around.

Melanie & Neil – Contemporary (Mandy Moore)
They two coped quit well with each other and did an excellent job. The best part was Melanie’s leap into Neil because of how much time she spent in the air before Neil actually caught her.

Ricky & Anya – Jive (Jason Gilkison)
The dance was fast and the flicks were in full effect. Usually Anya looks too mature for her partners, but the combination of her hair and Ricky’s joy covered it up. Ricky lacked bounce and it was noticeable because of his height.

Jess & Lauren G – Lyrical Hip-Hop (Nappy Tabs)
The beginning with the rose wasn’t the best and the some moves emphasized by the beat didn’t work until the chorus section side-by-side choreography.

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July 28, 2011

Exposure of HTC Vigor with 720P HD Touch Screen (Build-in Dual Dore Processor)

Compared to applications and user experiences, the hardware upgrading of Smartphone holds greater appeal. As a result, in order to remain invincible in the severe market competition, manufacturers make a big fuss about the processor and touch screen resolution of the future intelligence products. Since the network rumor that the dual-core Smartphone of MOTO and LG will be equipped with 720P HD touch screen has been spreaded, it was speculated that the HTC ultimate dual-core HTC Vigor had been equipped with 720P (1280×720) HD touch screen during the process of software testing.

Software Testing: Let the cat out of bag

Similar to the exposure process of many cell phones with Android System, Part of the HTC Vigor hardware configuration will let out because of NenaMark software testing; and it reveal the fact that this cell phone will be launched for American fleet user :Verizon. In the meanwhile, the 720P (1280×720) HD touch screen will bring the more remarkable visual experience to users.
Although the dimension of this touch screen cell phone was unknown, and it was doubtful that there has existed software testing misconduct; since the same type cell phones of numerous competitors (such as MOTO, LG and Sumsung etc.) have been exposed, and it is said that Google Nexus 3 will be equipped with 720P HD touch screen too; the above reasons probably make things easier that HTC participates in the competition and offers this HD touch screen Smartphone to service.

1.5GHz Processor

AS for the aspect of other HTC Vigor functional configurations, the NenaMark software testing did not reveal more valuable information. But according to the folk rumors, what the cell phone equip with is the 1.5GHz dual-core processor with HP Snapdragon MSM 8660 dual-core CS(chip set); in testing, the efficacy of Adreno 220 graphics processor chips integrated in CS is better than the PowerVR SGX540 and GeForce graphics processor chips which adopted by NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor platform.
In addition, it is said that this cell phone will support 4G network based on the LTE technology; and because of the overall level of HTC Holiday, it is predicted to provide other functions: 1GB RAM, 8 million pixels camera and 1080P full HD video recording and playing. The system of this cell phone is Android2.3.4 rather than what the people more expects: Ice Cream Sandwich. Similar to MOTO DROID HD which has the hearsay same 720P HD touch screen and dual-core processor, it possibly means that it will be launched in autumn this year.

Registered Trademark
To speak of, actually, it is not HTC Vigor’s first exposure. As early as two years ago, being one of the names of upcoming HTC new phones, the name has been registered in American Copyright and Trademark Office. Meanwhile, during the time in July 6th, the samples of this type of cell phone have appeared on the network. This shows that the HTC ultimate Smartphone has been testing, and its future official name is most likely to be HTC Vigor.
What’s more, although the definite launching date is not clear at present, lots of oversea media have given a statement that it will possibly have the chance to be the first Smartphone which equipped with 720P MD touch screen. Therefore, combine with the exposure of the MOTO DROID HD genuine version: ME865, it may possibly means that HTC Vigor will be officially launched about in September.

However, the “tip of an iceberg” of HTC Vigor has been known by publics. Whether the dual-core Smartphone is equipped with 720P HD touch screen? And whether it will be launched in autumn? Let’s wait and see!

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July 27, 2011

Top 12 Magic Features of Mac OS X Lion System

The latest version of Mac OS X10.7 Lion System has been downloaded by more than millions of users .It has been boasted to have more than 250 new features, but Apple Company only announces a small part of it. Here are the most classic tips displaying for you.
12. Directly Searching Web Pages and Wikipedia through Spotlight

11. New Advantages of Quicktime
If you click the Action Arrow of Quicktime, some new features are available.
Quicktime supports video uploading to Flickr、YouTube、Vimeo or Facebook, and the audios and videos can be stored separately after the video files are exported.

10. Return to the original? Does it like the old dashboards?
Enter System Default, and deselect the option “Show Dashboard as a space.”
Then the dashboard will be displayed on the front end of your desktop. Dashboard button, Mac keyboard or hot key can be used to activate this setting.

9. Stress Characteristics Can be Neatly and Easily Used on Lion
If a random letter is pressed on Virtual Keyboard of iPhone or iPad, a group of stresses will turn up on the letter.
Lion can realize the function too. The stress options will appear after press any letters, and choose the stress that you need by pressing the buttons with the matching number or clicking directly.
The stress using function can not worked on all the application yet (such as Chrome), but it has been available on many applications.

8. Do not Miss the Magnificent New Desktop of Apple
Including Lion, the wallpaper of every Apple new OS will be seriously chosen.
In the option screenshots “Desktop & Screensaver”, some glowing new desktops can be found on the wallpaper file.
Another bright spot: You can enter virtual desktop to choose the pictures you like if you want to do the wallpaper setting on different virtual desktops. The designated wallpaper will be stored until you leave the interspace.

7. The size of window can be reset on either of sides
Restriction of setting window size only from window corner has disappeared. You can reset the size of window on either of sides.

6. Finder: You can search files according to the form
The Finder can narrow down scope and help you to find a file that you are not sure whether it is the exact title.
Insert “kind:pdf” or “kind:doc” into the search box and select file type in the drop-down list, you can not search for any files on your computer.

5. Clean your system default menu
Within Lion, you are allowed to customize the system default setting panel. Click on “View” and choose “Customize”, delete any items you do not want.

4. Be tired of natural scrolling? Lion can help you solving the problem
Since the launch of Lion, the function of “natural scrolling” has been heatly debated.
Many people choose to trust and acclimatize themselves to Apple, however, some people (especially those ones who use Windows and Mac alternately) are more satisfied with the previous mode of “natural scrolling”( During the past 10 years).
Measure:System Preferences→Trackpad→Scroll And Zoom, you can return normal pattern by cancelling the option “natural scrolling”. It is quite different from “Horizontally scrolling”, as a result, when you switching the two modes (natural Scrolling and horizontally scrolling) in different virtual desktops, the feel in reverse.

3. How to log out the system when there exist some application bugs on full screen mode.
A great number of great applications have designed into bran-new full screen mode (such as Mail and iPhoto). If you want to cancel the mode of full screen, place mouse on the top right corner of the screen and click the blue minimize button.
Exceptionally, some applications, such as Google Chrome, the minimize button does not attach to it, so you will get stuck on this problem.
If you get stuck on any full screen applications, you can try to use the combination key“Command + Shift + F”.

2.Establish workspaces and switch among them
Compared to the previous OS X version, we like the “Space”of Lion more for the reason that you can switch among workspaces easier.
Open “Mission Control”, and drag an open window up to the top right corner of the screen. A new square will be found, and then you can establish a new workspace by dragging the window into the square.
If you want to close the workspace, enter “Mission Control”again,; place mouse on the top left corner and click the black “X”.

1. Easier unified setting of Email Account and Calendar
You need to set account (such as the applications: Mail and iCal etc.) one by one when using the previous Mac. Similar to iPhone, you need to set only once on the system default named“Mail, Contacts, And Calendars”.
Instead of the Google Chat function supported by iChat, the pity is that the multiple Google calendar function has being neglected; “Google linkman” need to be set by Address Book Application.

Now, you will have a comprehensive understanding to the doohickeys of our most popular Lion.

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July 25, 2011

Free to Download Transformers 3 Wallpapers, Transformers 3 Backgrounds

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon has been hit on silver screen for a while, and it has won good reputation from all over the world. It is the latest 2011 American science fiction movie which is directed by Michael Bay. Within the movie, you will get access to the year 1969, the Apollo 11 mission efforts to the moon landing on a secret mission to the dark side of the moon. For the next 21 minutes, they found a dead Cybertronian spacecraft without a crew, confirmed that mankind is not alone in the universe. Forty years later, the secret mission was discovered. If you are a Transformers fan, this amazing movie will hook you in the long run. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon in 3D is already available and you can appreciate this visual feast to the utmost.
In the following, there will be Transformers 3 HD Wallpapers for your preference; you can free to download them to set as desktop wallpaper and website background.

Transformers 3 Wallpapers and Backgrounds 1:

Transformers 3 Wallpapers and Backgrounds 2:

Transformers 3 Wallpapers and Backgrounds 3:

Transformers 3 Wallpapers and Backgrounds 4:

Transformers 3 Wallpapers and Backgrounds 5:

Transformers 3 Wallpapers and Backgrounds 6:

Transformers 3 Wallpapers and Backgrounds 7:

Transformers 3 Wallpapers and Backgrounds 8:

Transformers 3 Wallpapers and Backgrounds 9:

July 22, 2011

Upcoming Upgraded MOTO Defy+ Is Equipped with 1GHz Processor

MOTO Defy possesses the ultrahigh popularity and attention because of its ultrahigh cost performance and excellent waterproof and dustproof functions, besides, the striking sales results help MOTO (The company that likes to develop the classical popular products)to find new commercial opportunities. A few days ago, according to the media, MOTO are arranging to offer this Upgraded Version MOTO Defy for American operators. To bring more fluent speed control, MOTO Defy is equipped with 1GHz processor, and this is its main feature.

1GHz Dominant Frequency OMAP 3620 Processor
Despite the popularity of MOTO Defy, the only shortcoming of this type of phone is that the processor can not reach 1 GHz. As a result, by means of exchanging the new processor, MOTO use its adept method“New concepts in an old framework” to promote its full upgrade. On the basis of the statements of oversea media, the TI OMAP 3620 processor with 1GHz dominant frequency will be used in this upgrade version named MOTO Defy+; and it can bring you the better experience of more fluent controlling.
And for the processor has been used in the business cell phone MOTO DROID Pro, although the overall performance is inferior to OMAP3630, it has better I/O performance score in software testing. In addition, instead of previous MOTO embarking, the PowerVR SGX530 graphics chips that integrated in this processor is more remarkable; and compared with the previous types, it is predicted that the game performance will be promoted and improved.

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Other Functional Changes
There are no prominent functional changes on MOTO Defy+, and the mounted system version will be Android2.3.3 for the reason that it is a latest type in the market. Meanwhile, this type of cell phone will provide the support of HSPA network with frequency channel of 850/1900/2100MHz because of the custom-built machine type identity. But on the aspect of other hardware configurations, MOTO has not upgraded its RAM volume, and its hardware specifications are just more of the same: including build-in 5-million-pixel camera and 3.7-inch touch screen with WVGA resolution. (Enjoy Video on MOTO Phone)
Unfortunately, it is uncertain when MOTO Company will launch this MOTO Defy+. But there not exists many changes on the phone itself, and on its appearance and other functional configurations, so it is believed that the type of cell phone should be officially launched on North American market in the short term.

MOTO Domino Will Come Out Soon
Except for the MOTO Defy+ with upgraded processor, another new-type cell phone of MOTO which add the suffix “+” in its type designation, the upgraded version of onsale MOTO Domino(XT316): MOTO Domino+(XT531)will be put into the market soon. Comparatively speaking, what the difference is that it has the larger extent of function upgrading and the agents treat it as the most competitive ultrathin Smartphone with full touch screen.
According to the disclosed information of the users, MOTO Domino+(XT531)will be equipped with 3.5-inch touch screen with HVGA resolution (Touch interface have fast switching function); 5-million-pixel camera , LED fill-in light, 800MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 processor, 512MB RAM and 512MB ROM volume; and it supports the functions of automatic focus and video recording; meanwhile, it also supports the function of memory card expansion ( Up to 32 GB).

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