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September 10, 2012

Top 10 Issues on iPhone 5 Product Launch Event on Sep. 12

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It is said that Apple will hold a product launch event on September 12 for the new smartphone. Apple does not explain what preparations it has made for this event, but the invitation shows clearly that iPhone 5 will be the focus.

For months, people have heard that Apple will hold a product launch ceremony to release next generation smartphone. In the past few weeks, every rumor says Apple product launch event is due on September 12, and now it has been confirmed that it is the official release date. The next generation Apple iPhone 5 will be the highlight of the meeting, but more information including statistical data, software and some comments that are with the aim to attack Android.

In the following there will be top 10 issues worth looking forward to on September 12.

1. Larger Screen
It is certainly that iPhone 5 will be equipped with larger size screen. No matter it is about the new manufacture components, or the actual device model provided, Apple will not offer iPhone 5 with other size but 4-inch model.

2. 4G LTE
At the same time, Apple needs to catch up with its competitors, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S III provides 4G LTE service. The absence of 4G LTE in iPhone 5 will be a mistake.

3. More Statistical Data
It could not be said as Apple product launch event if there is not a succession of statistical data that makes its product popular. Without doubt, Apple will try its best to prove the advantages of its products.

4. More Discussions on iOS 6
Apple iOS 6 may be launched together with iPhone 6, therefore, Apple will spend lots of time in discussing the next generation operating system.

5. The Absence of Tim Cook
Don’t expect that Time Cook will spend lots of time on this product launch event. As a matter of fact, he probably will show up at the beginning of the event and make a conclusion at the end of the event.

6. Beautiful New Design
It is most likely that Apple will apply full new design to iPhone 5. The new design merges tempered glass with liquid metal, so as to enhance the device protection. It is time for Apple to provide new iPhone design.

7. Higher iPhone 5
In order to offer larger screen size for iPhone 5, Apple has to make iPhone higher. There will be some problems if the phone length is increased. Higher iPhone 5 will provide with some advantages, but it is also not excluded that it will be a pain.

8. The Same Price
Apple used to insist on the pricing model of iPhone. We have to admit that it is a smart strategy. It has been proved that consumers are willing to spend extra $200 a year for the latest and the best smartphone. Apple is quite satisfied with the price $600 it offers to operators.

9. iPad Mini
It is reported that Apple iPad Mini will be released in October, however, Apple has not confirmed the existence of this product. So iPad Mini may not appear in this week’s product launch event.

10. Attack Samsung
Apple likes to attack its competitors, that is the right reason Apple is going to mention the patent case. So it is expected that the target Apple aims to attack on September should be Samsung.

August 3, 2012

iPhone 5 Official Release Date: Most Likely on September 12

Previously, report said that iPhone 5 might launch on September 21, 2012. Currently, additional details have surfaced that make it appear likely that Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5 will be revealed as early as September 12 and then later released on Sept.21.

Actually, it is said that September is the optimum time to release iPhone 5.

1. Back-to-school Shopping
Many iPhone users are young people including students. In September, many parents are ready and willing to spend money for their children. To launch iPhone 5 in September, Apple can seize the shopping heat so this may be a good opportunity to improve sales.
2. Take Advantage of Shopping Season
If releasing the new product in Summer, there is no chance for Apple to make good use of the Holiday shopping season. But when launching the iPhone 5 in September, Apple can also take advantage of the Holiday shopping season starting in November.
3. Avoid Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S III is the most competitive rival met by Apple. It is larger than iPhone 4S in size. And the excellent design makes it quite popular among users. To stagger the sales period, it will be good to Apple.
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4. Too Late in October
As to the fierce competition in mobile field, it is too late to reveal Apple iPhone 5 in October. Although users are inclined to purchase Apple product, long-term waiting will reduce the consuming desire. Especially when Samsung Galaxy S III is on sale, they might switch to it.
5. Summer Suitable Time Gone
Except for July, it is not suitable for Apple to debut in summer. Apple has observed that it is quite difficult to achieve promising sales in August. So September should be better.
6. Encourage rumor
Rumor has always been Apple’s most reliable ally. The longer the rumor last, the more iPhone 5 promotions will be.
7. Less Competitions
Apple finds that in September the market competition will be less. Except for Samsung Galaxy S III, lots of manufacturers pour new products to the store shelves in this summer.
8. Keep Away from Windows 8
Windows 8 is out this summer, Apple releases new product in September so as to avoid involving in the Windows 8 issue.
9. Create Gap for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini
It is reported that Apple plans to unveil iPad Mini tablet sometime this year, and most rumors claim iPad Mini will make a debut in September. If iPhone 5 is released after September, it is likely to affect the iPad Mini sales.
10. Well Match with iOS 6, OS X Facebook
In June Apple has announced iOS 6. But, apple has confirmed that iOS won’t be launched until autumn. So the integration of iOS 6 and OS X Facebook is not available before the release of iPhone 5.

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November 15, 2011

iPhone5 with 4-Inch Diagonal Screen Actually Exists According to Apple Engineer

It is said that the anecdotal “iPhone 5 with brand-new design” does really exist. According to the famous technology website: SAI, it is an insider who revealed this news: the Apple engineers he is familiar with still think that the upcoming issued new product is iPhone 5 at least three months before the release of iPhone 4S. The insider also stated that he has ever spend two weeks coming into contact with the prototype of iPhone. Though the news has not been verified by SAI site, it will be not bad for us to listen to the statement of the prototype contacting person.

1. The screen of prototype (4-inch diagonal screen ) is larger than the current iPhone.
2. The protptype of iPhone that he got access to is made of the internal manufacturing materials ,not the common prototype material.
3. Similar to iPad 2, the shell of the protptype of iPhone Should be aluminium.
4.The liquid metal technology was used to coloring for protecting it from fading even though it was scraped.
5. The color configuration of its screen presents a little bit messy, however, he believes that better screen will be adopted on iPhone 5 for the reason that the working style of Apple is to leave some shortcomings on the prototype in order to disguise.
6. There is no physical “Home” button. He said: “You can keep touching “Home” button and holding it for a while, then the device can be restarted.”
7. The shape of the prototype is very similar to the photos on the internet :flat and smooth.
8. The operating speed of the prototype is faster than the ordinary iPhone, but that’s because Apple has dismantled the limited actuator of the prototype or it has been disguising the actual speed of iPhone 5. However, its battery life is absolutely awful.

The engineer also told the insider that the new iPhone was equipped with camera with 10 million pixels and built-in Siri (the name has been changed into “Assistant “).

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September 29, 2011

Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone on October 4th” Event Marks the Beginning of iPhone 5 Launch

Apple has finally confirmed the October 4th “Let’s Talk iPhone” event at Apple’s Cupertino, California campus (10am PT), which most probably marks the beginning of iPhone 5 launch. With the tagline “Let’s talk iPhone”, obviously this will be an iPhone 5 focused media event, even though there is nothing mentioned on the iPhone 5 release in the invitations to members of major media outlets. The new Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will hold the big event that day.

Take a close look about the icons on the invitations and we may guess that:
1. Calendar – The media event date, on Tuesday, October 4th
2. Clock – Time when the iPhone event will begin, @ 10am
3. Map – Location where the media event will be held
4. Phone with a “number 1″–The meeting will focus on one iPhone, the No. 1 smartphone that will come out soon.

And what’s more, from the tagline “Let’s Talk iPhone”, we may even get some hints on the specs of the iPhone 5. The most significant point is that the iPhone 5 will be the first phone that will integrate the Siri voice assistant technology that Apple purchased in April 2010. The advanced iPhone 5 voice control system would be most probably named as Assistant by Apple, which has been quoted as “a great event for us in terms of our impact on the world“. The Assistant would intelligently record what you say to the phone and help you realize that. And to operate the voice Assistant, Apple has to make significant update to the hardware of iPhone 5, by adopting a dual-core A5 processor.

Additionally, it will include a whopping 1 GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, and a Qualcomm Gobi Baseband chipset that allows the iPhone to run on both CDMA and GSM networks. Plus the edge-to-edge high definition large screen (the screen size might be under 4 inches as reported) and its excellent video playback experience showed by its predecessors, it would be another best choice for you to freely watch HD videos on iPhone 5 freely.

However, if you wish an immediate shipping availability of the iPhone 5 since the October 4th event, you might be disappointed. According to some reports, the iPhone 5 might start shopping on October 14th. Therefore, you still have to wait for some time. Anyway, it would be so long for us to wait for the long anticipated iPhone 5.

Stay tuned for more information about the October 4th event and the iPhone 5 release details.

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September 27, 2011

FaceBook News: FaceBook iPad Apps Will Be Available with the Release of iPhone 5

According to the report by American technical blog Mashable, FaceBook will officially announce FaceBook iPad apps on Apple iPhone 5 release conference on October, 4, 2011. In addition to FaceBook iPad apps, it is predicted that FaceBook will also announce iPhone apps revised version as well as a mobile apps market bases on HTML5.

At the beginning of this year, it is reported that FaceBook is going to release iPad apps. As a matter of fact, the development of FaceBook apps has been finished for a long time. Some people say that the delay of FaceBook iPad apps lies in that the relationship between FaceBook and Apple has become tense during the past two years. For example, FaceBook Connect cancelled the link to Apple music social network Ping, because Apple did not confirm FaceBook that it would take up the bandwidth of FaceBook.

There has been rumor that FaceBook should be integrated into Apple iOS mobile operating system , but due to the inconformity on cooperation details, Apple finally chose to integrate the miniature blog Twitter to the latest generation iOS 5 operating system.

But with the goal to beat Google, Apple and FaceBook is gradually to take what they need from each other: Apple is without social platform while FaceBook is with mobile platform. And the sign the two companies reach to the top is that FaceBook will announce iPad apps on iPhone 5 release conference.

There has been report that FaceBook has established a mobile platform service plan called “Spartan Project”, with the aim to challenge Apple iOS platform and the relevant mobile services. “Spartan Project” employs the standard technology based on HTML5 and its target user group is mobile phone users. But the latest news shows that Apple has helped FaceBook on this project.

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August 6, 2011

Top 10 Reasons for the Popularity of iPhone 5

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So far, it is an amazing pioneering work of iPhone’s capability to attract consumers. Apple has attracted consumers’ attention just with the aid of several rumors while the other enterprises still needed to make heavy investments on marketing and advertising. According to Eweek, the quantities of iPhone 5 fanciers have grown like a weed around the world. The reasons for this phenomenon can be summed up in the following 10 points:

1. The aging of iPhone 4

At present, iPhone 4 has become a “geezer” in Mobile Marketplaces for the reason that it has the shortcomings of deficient A5 dual-core possessor、unsupported 4G network and problematic antenna signal. The current users of iPhone 4 have known best that the life span of smartphone is limited, so they have begun to looking forward to the coming of iPhone 5.

2. A Rumor: The larger improvements of iPhone 5

With regard of the upcoming iPhone 5, the consumers’ excitements are understandable for the reason that it rumors that iPhone 5 will be equipped with many up-to-date functions: 4G connection, hyper-efficient processor, NFC and edge-to-edge display screen. Because it is a crucial improvement compared with iPhone 4, customers’ urgent mood to the upcoming iPhone 5 can be totally understood.

3. Smartphones with Android System have little threat to iPhone

Recently, all kinds of smartphones with Android want to attract customers in various ways, such as the impressive HTC Evo 3D. However, there are no a type of Android equipments can compete with iPhone 4, not to mention iPhone 5.

The cell phones with Android are very good indeed, whatever, the consumers deeply know that they are not iPhone.
4. iPad 2 has went public for some time.

The current sales figure of Apple indicate that the users who are from all over the world want to purchase iPhone and iPad simultaneously; however, their economic conditions is not allowed. But iPad 2 has served to the publics and has staggered the launch time of iPhone 5 for some time now; and more than millions of users have bought iPad 2. For the mean time, the people who have purchased iPad2 should have Storaged the savings for iPhone 5.

5. The equipments of many users should be out of fashion

In the past, Apple will launch new-type iPhone smartphones in annual WWDC Assembly, but it did not adopt this strategy this time. The recent rumor indicates that iPhone 5 will go public in September or October; lots of consumers choose to use the dated equipments while they are waiting for the upcoming iPhone 5 with the anxious mentality.  

6. Resounding Apple Brand

In fact, vast majority of users are ready and are preparing to buy iPhone 5 just for its brand even when it has not been launched officially. Apple is doomed to be a winner; because it can always provide the consumers with the trustworthy products and let users have everlasting confidence on Apple products.

7. It is good to learn at another man’s cost

Consumers will not buy iPhone 5 blindly, it even can be said that they buy iPhone with little risks. Since iPhone has been launched in 2007, the users have almost not been disappointed with Apple iPhone. As a result, the will be little probability that iPhone 5 will disappoint its users.

8. The Shortcomings of Windows Phone 7

Theoretically,Windows Phone 7 is a type of elaborate launched OS of Microsoft; and it should have been a threat to iPhone, however, majority of people will not take it into account for the reason that there exists lots of disadvantages of Windows Phone 7.Therefore, iPhone 5 is more attractive to the consumers.

9. Application Support

Apple’s better application support is one of the crucial reasons that users are willing to purchase iPhone. Apple says that there are more than 425000 kinds of iPhone applications in their App Stores. Compared to its competitors’ App stores, the ones of Apple can be beyond all doubt said to be better; and it has become one of the biggest selling points of Apple.

10. Timing is Everything

It is wise for Apple to launch iPhone in September or in October for the reason that it has some time after the launching of iPad 2, so it can make sure the purchasing power of the consumers. In the meanwhile, consumers will have time to consider the purchasing matters before there is still a lone time before Christmas. In the field of Mobile, timing is everything, the time when Apple to chose to launch iPhone 5 is quite suitable.

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