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September 23, 2011

Timeline Is Added to FaceBook as New Function

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On FB conference, CEO Zuckerburg has announced that facebook will add multitudinous new functions: the users can realize film, news and music sharing, in the meanwhile, they can write their own stories on facebook.

Timeline: Record stories and modify homepage

The first function that Zuckerburg offered to service is Timeline.

What the new function of facebook focuses on is “profile” adjustment. Facebook profile is equivalent to personal files and information, generally, it is a personal homepage. Zuckerburg points out that the previous “profile” is similar to 5 minutes in your past life; however, it is just like 15 minutes in your life after the upgrade; and the latest profile toady is able to comprise your whole life. Zuckerburg said: “If the core of Facebook experiencing is rethought , then Timeline will be the story of personal life.” The new personal Profile has more visual impact than the past version. To be frank, it is a little similar to the excellent Tumblr Blog (light blogging), it contains main three parts: all personal stories, all personal applications and the new ways to express “who are you”. Zuckerburg said: “We want to design a place where you can be feeling at Home.” The Timeline function can help users to realize the great homepage adjustment and to make out homepage which is exactly like magazines that it can include numerous pictures. What’s more, users can filter the pictures to fully control their own privacy.

Music, news and film sharing

Meanwhile, the homepage of Facebook can show the new programs and functions, people can find out and share music, films ,news and so on with the aim of it.

Collaborate with Netflix, Facebook has launched new programs; and users are allowed to play videos on Facekbook. People can admire the films and TV programs of Netflix while they can keep staying on Facebook. The users can click to watch the programs that other friends have ever seen on Facebook. The only thing you need to do is to click a popup player, there is no need log out Facebook. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is also one of board officers of Facebook, he has turned up in F8 plenary session. In “News Feed”, the users of Facebook can click the videos in YouTube and in Netflix. If you are American users, then the function is useless for the reason that the data used in Netflix is prohibited according to American laws. For all this, new functions will be still launched in 44 countries.

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August 2, 2011

Five Funcions that Google+ are Superior to Facebook and Twitter

According to oversea media, the technology blog VentureBeat listed and analyze five functions that Google+ are Superior to Facebook and Twitter, including Groups, Hangouts, Mobile Applications Function, Data download and Sparks in detail.

It seems that the technology fans were not satisfied with the Google+ which has been on line for a month. At present, Google are keeping seeking a suitable social strategy. Although Google+ has gotten much publicity and has attracted more than 20 millions users, however, it can not be compared with Facebook (750 millions users) and Twitter (200 million users) which are of long standing.
For the moment, several functions that Google+ are superior to Facebook and Twitter have been found , especially the aspects of privacy and video chatting.

1. Group
The function of Group is more attractive for the reason that it can help to realize the ruly managements of the followers and topics. With the help of this function, users can share his/her status updates on the specific group. For example, user can establish a “Music Buff” group to share his/her music videos.
Facebook and Twitter also have the function of selective sharing, but the function is a little complicated and chaotic. It is time-wasting to realize the function of one group upgrading even though it can be restrained on Facebook. And as for Twitter, there is no choice for users but to fully share personal information or fully keep secret.

2. Hangouts
Another function that has garnered particular attention is Hangouts; it is characterized of the free video chatting with 25 people (Max) simultaneously. Every participant will appear in the mini box and the head portrait of speaker will be on the top window.
Recently, although Facebook has leaded in the function of Video Chatting with the cooperation of Skype, it only supports the one-to- one chatting. Although the Video Chatting of Google+ has the largest marked “market share”,the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg implied that there will be more functions of video chatting. It is a pity that Twitter has not developed the Video Chatting function.

3、Mobile Applications Function
At present, Google has offered Android and iOS to service, and both of them have provided the superb support to Mobile users. It has the basic functions of upgrades checking and video admiring, in addition, the mobile applications is characterized with the Group Chatting function named “Huddle”. What the difference between Google+ and Facebook 、Twitter is that chatting with several people simultaneously is available by using Google+ Facebook mobile applications : You can draw up a plan or kill the time together.
Although the mobile applications of Twitter are very good, the restriction to network core function has hindered its performance on mobile devices. It is no bad to use the mobile applications of Facebook to view renewal and send information, but it still need to be completely updated if it wants to catch up with Google+.

4、Data Download
In mainstream social networks, Google+ is not the first to provide personal data download and convenient updating function. The bran-new Takeout service of Google allows users to download the personal saved datas from Google Server. For example, if the user wants to log out from Google + tomorrow, it can download the updated information commodiously before account cancellation.
Up to now, Facebook and Twitter did not provide the similar services.

5. Sparks
The Sparks should be one of the functions of Google+ that has not been fully used. According to personal interest or hobbies, users can find out the topics or the videos etc. that they like. There will be a button on the bottom of each content for sharing. User can share information with their group friends conveniently.
The spark topics are easily ignored for the reason that it is on the bottom of Google + left toolbar. People will have the impression of “drab and narrow” on it when enter the interface for the first time. It has set the interest such as riding, fashion, recipes, sports cars, Android and robot topic. But it also provides search column for users to search their interested topics on the top of the page.
It is not very convenient to search and share information on Facebook and Twitter. The two social network competitors always let the users to search information through other people’s information chain, in addition, they will share some new information with their friends through the expectant web sites.

Although there will be lots of work for Google+ to do in order to catch up with Facebook and Twitter’s popularity, but it has done a great number of proper things .The outstanding function above have shown that Google has made the right decision. But Google also made mistakes, such as it has ever prohibited the account of “pseudonym” user etc. Every movement of Google + will be certainly focused by Facebook and Twitter, and they will develop the appropriate functions in order to be up with Google+.

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April 7, 2011

Top 10 Android Games Mobile Phones

Motorola Atrix, LG Optimus 2X and Samsung S II and other popular mobile phones are about to sweep across the sales counters all over the world, bringing the next generation Android mobile phone which will clear the way for Android games. In the following I will list the top ten Android games mobile phones.

Disposing of the idea that Android phone will cost you a lot of money, the Android mobile phones selected below are on different price level so you can find out the one you want though you are embarrassingly short of money.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Xperia Play is the first and the only one Android phone that focuses on game function, without keyboard and with game controller instead.
As an unofficial PlayStation mobile phone, Xperia Play offer users with a perfect portable game world: namely it is touch screen device as well as PSP go-esque controller.
Xperia Play should become the one which is infatuated by Android game players for is has made a promise that it will optimize the game comprehensively for new system so as to improve the ability of operating PlayStation 1 era classic game.

Samsung Galaxy S

Seen from a distance, you can take it as iPhone 4. From a closer view on the layout of the menu icon, you can treat is as iPhone 4 as well.
Compared with standard LED, AMOLED leaves people with matchlessly deep impression. Exposing in the sun, Galaxy S is clearer than Apple “i” series products.
The hummingbird processor and the quick reaction to touch screen means that Galaxy S is the best choice among high-end Android games currently.

HTC Desire HD

Undeniably, Desire HD is the phone that owns the clearest and the most magnificent screen except iPhone. The 4.3-inch large screen makes it a great beast.
It is the fastest device with the most powerful functions at present. Equipped with 1 GHz processor, 768MB RAM, it is able to perfectly run any games. With typical HTC based applications, the battery lasts more than one day.

HTC Incredible S

Another works from HTC, Incredible S runs on the old version Android. But the excellent 4-inch 480*480 resolution screen, the powerful processor and 768MB RAM make up for this flaw. It has quite a satisfying photographic quality simultaneously.

Samsung (Google) Nexus S

With plastic texture and extremely concise design, Nexus S is super-thin and fashionable when seen from the front side likes a household article of Tupperware when seen from the back side. It has 16G memory but without an extra microSD card slot.
1 Ghz hummingbird GPU which is similar to Galaxy S, guaranteeing the smooth operations of various applications.
As Google’s favorite, Nexus S will get access to the latest Android upgraded version comparing to the other mobile phones.

HTC (Google) Nexus One

If the lack of card slot on Nexus S annoys you much you can turn to Nexus One. Although it is only with 4G memory, it is equipped with 32G memory card.
From the intelligent angle, besides the old Snapdragon chipset and a track ball, it has nothing new comparing to other mobile phones. As a result, Nexus One is much cheaper than Samsung Nexus S.

HTC Desire

Despite of the lack of big framework and clear picture quality like the other HTC family members, HTC Desire can still be remarked as a powerful mobile phone: 3.7-inch screen, excellent processing ability.
Although the Snapdragon CPU/GPU can not output the latest 3D images and the touch screen can not react as fast as HD, it is much cheaper and with cute appearance.

Motorola Defy

Having an unshakable market position, Defy impresses people in operating speed and memory capacity. It becomes the most competitive device in the mid-range mobile phone market for it is cheaper than the high-end device.
Perhaps it is not favorable to all users, but the 800 Mhz processor and high-resolution display ability make it a good choice for those who have a limited budget.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

It is a theoretical game mobile phone with relatively high processing power (800 Mhz). It may run slowly sometimes because of RAM space deficiency but no one get the exact value. Nonetheless, what is important is that it can run “angry birds”.

Motorola Milestone

It is called Droid in the United States. This rough and inflexible stuff is one of the first Android devices shown to the public.
Its ability has been exceeded a long time ago but the second-rate chipset necessary for games still remained.
It is incapable of smoothly run the latest released 3D games, but Milestone is able to cope with it if you are not care about the fancy images and only want to play games fro relaxation.

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April 2, 2011

March 1, 2011

How to Watch The Social Network with Your iPad? (Oscar Movies to Portable Players Solutions 3)

“You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies”.—The Social Network

“The Social Network” has been awarded the Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay) and the Best Music (Original Score) in the 83 rd Academy Awards.

How miraculous FaceBook is that drives millions of young people all around the world. In times that BBS is far from the hottest network community, FaceBook is the pioneer to make the Internet become an interconnecting party based on relationships in real world. The Oscar movie “The Social Network” aims at demonstrating how FaceBook start and why does it make young people so addicted. It is a story about the foundation of FaceBook mixed with sex, money, genius and betrayal.

I guess you may have interest in enjoying “The Social Network” in which Mark Zuckerberg will show you the history of his FaceBook career. Appreciating this movie with the world’s smartest tablet—iPad can be a really awesome matter. But one petty thing should be mentioned: some video formats such as AVI, WMV, FLV, RMVB, etc are not iPad recognizable formats. Therefore, you have to convert video in the above formats to iPad compatible formats (MP4, MOV). The third-party software iPad Video converter can aid you in watching “The Social Network” without doubt.

Then how to realize to watch “The Social Network” on your iPad with iPad Video Converter?

Free to download the clean software in the following:

You should install and run the program at first.

Then add The Social Network video to the program for converting.

Just do some video effect settings to the output movie for your preference if necessary.

Start to convert within one click.

Have you got it with these simple steps? If not, you can get detailed information by linking here. Now you can watch The Social Network on your iPad with ease. May be you are running on your own business or perhaps you are going to have a try, then you can draw something useful from this movie which talks about your peer Mark Zuckerberg. Someday, the other whatever book may be your masterpiece, LOL…

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February 11, 2011

Free Wallpapers of Saint Valentine’s Day Prepared for You to Stir up Valentine Romance

Saint Valentine Day is drawing nearer and nearer, love is the only romantic scent you can perceive anytime anywhere. When walking outside, valentine flower, valentine chocolate, valentine toy, valentine song, valentine poem, valentine card, valentine wish, valentine movie…rolling onto you just like fierce flood. Romance is the main melody in Saint Valentine Day, so I guess in such a sweet day everything should be dressed in a romantic style, your house, your Blog, your Twitter, your FaceBook, and your desktop is not an exception.

How to find suitable yet free beautiful wallpaper for you desktop? There are two ways for you to get your favorite wallpaper. The first and the simplest way is to download wallpapers from the Internet for free, you do not have to pay a penny and you can get valentine-themed wallpaper easily, but the only annoying matter is that since many people will download free wallpapers from the Internet so your wallpaper may lack an air of individuality. The second way with the strongest personality is that you can extract some awesome pictures from HD videos which with your life sweetness recorded. A kind of smart and easy-to-use software can help you achieve this: HD Video Converter which is capable of converting HD videos to other popular video formats for playback on various portable players as well as extracting screenshot from HD videos.

Whatever way you choose you can obtain romantic wallpapers on this coming 2011 Saint Valentine’s Day. Here are some carefully-selected free wallpapers which are intended for you.

Free Wallpapers for Saint Valentine’s Day 1

Free Wallpapers for Saint Valentine’s Day 2

Free Wallpapers for Saint Valentine’s Day 3

Free Wallpapers for Saint Valentine’s Day 4

Free Wallpapers for Saint Valentine’s Day 5

Free Wallpapers for Saint Valentine’s Day 6

Free Wallpapers for Saint Valentine’s Day 7

Free Wallpapers for Saint Valentine’s Day 8

Free Wallpapers for Saint Valentine’s Day 9

Free Wallpapers for Saint Valentine’s Day 10

Pink can always endow you with a feeling of romance so you can try to pick up one of the above wallpapers to dress up your desktop for the approaching Saint Valentine Day. If you have the desire to use your own pictures you can also turn to the smart tool that can not only convert HD video but also extract splendid screenshots from HD videos. Let romantic air embrace you tightly on 2011 Saint Valentine Day.

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