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August 4, 2011

Top 10 Google Apps Necessary for iPhone, iPad

Apple’s success is continually copied by its rivals over the past years, ranging from smartphone to tablets. When a device’s applications are as good as its platform does the device can be out of thousands of peer products. There have been tens of thousands of shinning apps of all sorts in Apple App Store. They have been purchased and free downloaded for popular devices like iPhone, iPad. And with the development of modern technology, giant enterprises have to cope with each other so as to stand out from so many competitors. In accordance with the sayings that one tree does not make a forest, Google combines with Apple to make the greatest success. There are a lot of apps developed by Google, designed for Apple iPad and iPhone, which let you achieve more on iPad and iPhone. Let’s take a look on some free Google Apps you may need for Apple iPad and iPhone:
Since its debut, it has been boosted by many people. This mobile version of Google’s new social networking platform covers Huddle that allows users send mass text messages.

Google Search
Search becomes easier and more individualized with Goggles, Voice Search and My Location. You can get access to what you are searching for quickly.
Google Earth
Get to every corner of the world with the help of Earth, view geo-located Wikipedia articles and millions of photos with this mobile version of the desktop app.

Google Voice
Get approach to voicemail and free text messages to U.S. numbers, and low rates on U.S. and international calls.

Google Translate
With this app, you can translate more than 50 languages through speaking or text.

Google Places
Help you to find the nearest places you want to go.

Google Shopper
Shopper helps users find information on millions of products, recognizing items by cover art, barcode, voice and text search.

Google TV Remote
By means of using the mouse pad, arrow keys and range of buttons—as well as using your voice, you can turn an iPhone into a fully functional Google TV remote.

Google Authenticator
This app copes with two-step verification for your Google Account to offer an additional layer of security when signing in.

Google Books
With this app, you can get access to more than 2 million Google eBooks on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

July 12, 2011

Google+ Draws Social Network Attentions: In What Ways Does It Affect the Network?

What should be ranked as the trending topic since the end of June on social network? It goes to Google+ for sure. Google+ is an option to FaceBook which is capable of gathering friends, acquaintances and other people who want to join in Circles of trust. In addition, users also win the chance to customize their own Circles, sign up to track topics and adopt Hangouts for video chats with up to ten users. Within mobile application, there is a group-messaging tool called Huddle that combines with Instant upload feature, so as to help users zip photos from Android phones to Google+ Accounts. Some authorities said that although Google does not comment much on Google+, they believe that Google+ will certainly attract more attention from users. There are already lots of comments swirling around Google+ and most of them are said to be positive. Let’s take a look at how does Google+ affect the social network:

Google Invites

It is hard to say whether it is easy or not for you to get access to Google Invites for sometimes you can gain it with ease and the other times you even can not get it though you have paid efforts. Google keeps opening and closing its membership fire hose depending on system capacity. Although it is the company that is with the most servers in the world, it will meet with great obstacle even in a social network launch.

 Google+ Memberships

According to some people within the entertainment circle, it is hard to distinguish whether it is real or not for some celebrities to join in Google+ though they have been declared to do so.

 Privacy Problem

Since Google+ allows users to reshare the posts within their circles, some problems do happen. If some people like the celebrities who do not want some of their private matters be shared by so many people, they can stop only when they have posted the information.

 Growing Problem

When Google+ is growing bigger Google will run out of disk space. Based on the comments of Google Vice President, Google have run out of disk space on the service that keeps track of notification within just 80 minutes.

 Affects FaceBook

Based on the pent-up demand for a clear alternative to FaceBook , the new Google+ is bound to gain fame quickly. And what’s more, there is statement that users are sick of FaceBook.

 Google+ VS. FaceBook Art

A new collection of creative cartoons and multimedia send-ups pitting Google+ vs. Facebook has emerged, courtesy of Sean Percival.

 +Circle VS. Groups

As we mentioned, + lets users put people in buckets from the outset. Facebook, which was originally conceived and is still primarily used to allow one-to-many info blasts, added Groups last October. So it’s not without the capability to do so. But Google+ may have scored a coup by doing this from the ground up.

 For Business

Another piece of news is that Google+ will be applied to business soon. If Google+ for businesses does for + what Facebook Pages did for business, the user base and engagement could skyrocket.

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May 18, 2011

Google Earth Optimizes for Android Tablet

When Google Earth was first released in 2005, lots of people still inclined to use clamshell phones. It was still a distant dream to pocket the earth with about 197-million square miles. With the release of Google Earth for Android last year, Android users realized the dream. And recently, with the latest Android 3.0 tablet issued, the development team hopes to take full advantage of new Android tablet’s wide screen and robust processor.

Now the upgraded version of Google Earth for Android has been released which makes Google Earth look better on Android tablet. Full texture rending 3D modeling support is added to the new version that makes sightseeing on Manhattan streets more real than ever before. Items such new operating bar, Flight destination, Places, Panoramio photos, Wikipedia and 3D construction, etc are attached to the top in order to simply the searching process.

Transferring from mobile phones to tablets just like shifting from regular cinemas to IMAX. The development team achieves the popup function on Google Earth view by making good use of wide screen, by doing which can get access to more information without switching among different pages.

With the help of Android tablet wide screen, you can fly around 3D arena while browsing photos on Panoramio. The photos will pop up from the screen picture and achieve direct interaction so as to prevent the scenes of arena and the surrounding from losing. In addition to the above, you can choose to preview the pictures by clicking on the layer button on operating toolbar.

The new version of Google Earth for Android is available for Android 2.1 and higher. And new Android tablet design is available for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and higher versions.

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April 12, 2011

Top 10 Best iPad Apps for the Second Generation—iPad 2

Compared with the first generation iPad, the second generation iPad 2 is thinner and lighter, at the same time, it is with a more powerful dual-core processor and the enhanced processing ability for graphics, video and other media contents. In the following, there will list top ten business friendly best iPad apps for the second generation—iPad 2.

1. FaceTime
iPad 2 is equipped with both front-facing camera and rear camera which can provide iPad users with Apple FaceTime video conference function, so as to enable them to carry out video calling with other Apple users.

2. Skype
Video conversion between Apple users can be achieved with the help of FaceTime, but video chat between Apple users and PC users can not realize unless with the aid of Skype. Although Skyoe iPhone app has not optimized for iPad 2 yet, it enables iPad users to conduct video chat with the other PC Skype users.

3. WebEx for iPad
By using WebEx for iPad app, iPad users are able to carry out WebEx conference. In addition, iPad 2 front-facing camera and rear camera make two-way video conference possible.

4. Fuze Meeting HD
Fuze Meeting HD is capable of supporting multi-user HD video conference, it is another iPad app tailored for commercial video conference.

5. Boardbooks
Boardbooks is another subscription service which enables iPad user get access to meeting document off line so as to create a paperless environment for enterprise.

6. Google Earth
Google Earth iPad app can fully demonstrate that the interface an function of the new dual-core A5 processor are similar to iPhone Google Earth. But it has make special optimization for iPad wide screen.

7. Word Lens
Word Lens is an instant translation application. It photographs the words through iPad camera and translates into another language for an instant. It can definitely add up fun and convenience to traveling and business.

8. Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a useful publishing tool that can aid users in managing various social media network and interaction. In addition to help users make a quick check and make a quick release on Twitter in multiple accounts, it also supports FaceBook individual page update and to increase network relationships regularly, etc.

9. iMovie
Apple iMovie app enables users to achieve video recording and editing among various Apple products.

10. Popplet
Popplet for iPad is an utility used for collecting and sharing good ideas. It has been optimized for the wide screen of iPad 2. And the double cameras of iPad 2 means that user can shoot down a lot of photos without adjusting the directions.
With Popplet, iPad 2 users can collect inspirations, create galleries, record thoughts, explore ideas and etc.

11. GarageBand
GarageBand is a digital music creation tool developed by Apple which allows users to make music in leisure time. It is reported that 1000 pre-recorded sample melodies and 50 kinds of instrument samples.

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