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July 1, 2011

720P Dual-core MOTO Droid HD Leaked

Although it is not the first time for Motorola Droid HD to expose itself in public, what really draw people’s attention goes to a series of pictures from Flickr. Drawn from the EXIF information, these pictures are from a type of device called “Motorola Droid HD”. It is supposed that it is another new smartphone from Motorola with outstanding image performance and displaying effect.

As to the specific features of Motorola Droid HD, there are two statements. The first statement said that it is another brand-new smartphone which will be equipped with a touch screen with higher resolutions than qHD, similar to the screen specification of the rumored Google Nexus Prime. The second statement said that there will be a breakthrough in camera specification that it may be with 14-million-pixel camera which supports 1080p HD video recording and playing, will be released as the upgraded version of Motorola Droid Bionic.

 What should be mentioned is that Motorola does not employ Nvidia Tegra T2 in this phone any more, instead, it will be with new TI OMAP dual-core processor chip. As to operating system, it may runs on the latest Ice Cream Sandwhich which will bring with more fluent using experience. The most striking point of this processor lies in that it adopts SGX540 graphics processor. It will be four times in performance comparing to the current SGX535 and with more powerful 3D performance and graphics processing capability. Meanwhile, the processor core performance will be 1.5 times as the previous ARM Cortex-A8.

 Moreover, Motorola Droid HD supports 4G network based on LTE technology. And for the sake of realizing video call function, it is equipped with front-facing camera. Besides, it is equipped with more powerful functional configurations. In user experience, it adopts the features of ATRIX 4G so that it is compatible with Laptop Dock and Desktop Dock.

 Then what are the outstanding points of MOTO Droid HD? Focus on this blog for more details.

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 MOTO XT875 Released: 4.5-inch Touch Screen with Dual-core Processor

June 8, 2011

MOTO XT875 Released: 4.5-inch Touch Screen with Dual-core Processor

As one of the dual-core smart phones released by Motorola, the delay release of MOTO Droid Bionic has received great concern. According to the official explanation of Motorola, the delay dues to some further improvements. Recently, with the re-exposure of this smart phone, the answer is settled down finally.

4.5-inch Touch Screen

Remarked as the smart phone releases at the same time with MOTO ATRIX 4G, the biggest advantage of MOTO Droid Bionic comparing to the previous version is that it is equipped with 4.3-inch qHD touch screen. Seen from the latest exposure information, it seems that Motorola wants to make a breakthrough on the screen size, that is to say, the mobile phone will be equipped with 4.5-inch touch screen so as to become the flagship product which has the biggest touch screen.

In addition, more new designs will be introduced to this phone, for example, the touch interface will be with blue semi-transparent notification bar and also with stunning animation effects.

 Processor Replaced

Although it is equipped with the same Nvidia Tegra2 dual-core processor with MOTO ATRIX 4G in its first release, from the latest test data, it is quite possible for MOTO to employ 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP4430 processor.

The most remarkable feature of this processor lies in that GPU adopts the highest level SGX540 graphics processor which is four times as the current SGX 535 performance and bring with more powerful 3D and images processing ability.

 8-million-pixel Camera

Compared with MOTO ATRIX 4G which is with 5-million-pixel camera, MOTO Droid Bionic not only employs two cameras, but also upgrades the main camera to 8 million pixels. Moreover, it is with LED supplementary light and supports 1080p video recording function.

 Supports External Docking Station

MOTO Droid Bionic brings with powerful function configurations as well as enhances user experience. It is compatible with Laptop Dock and Desktop Dock docking station.

But it still remains unknown whether the fingerprint encryption function will be removed or not and whether the 512MB RAM will upgrade to 1GB.

 Supports 4G Network

Motorola Droid Bionic also supports 4G network based on LTE technology. And also it is added with video call function. Compared to Motorola ATRIX 4G, it is weak in battery capacity, from 1930mAh to 1750 mAh.

 It is reported that the formal model of MOTO Droid Bionic is XT875. It will make an official debut in the second quarter by Verizon Wireless. The specific sales price and release date have not been confirmed yet.

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