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May 9, 2012

Google+ Hangouts on Air Live Broadcasting Makes an Official Worldwide Release

Hangouts on Air function is formally launched for Google+ users globally by Google. Chatting publicly has great advantages: celebrity interviews paying and nonprofit activities demonstrating, for example.

New features of Hangouts on Air described by Google are as follows:

●Broadcast publicly. By checking “Enable Hangouts On Air,” you can broadcast your live hangout—from the Google+ stream, your YouTube channel or your website—to the entire world.
●See how many viewers you’ve got. During your broadcast, you can look inside the hangout to see how many people are watching live.
●Record and re-share. Once you’re off the air, we’ll upload a public recording to your YouTube channel, and to your original Google+ post. This way it’s easy to share and discuss your broadcast after it’s over.
●After-broadcast discussion. This function will be available in the following few weeks for users all over the world. Some Hangouts will be recommended, and the programs including Conan O’Brien, Jamie Oliver and global poverty alleviation project special events on May 10.

Hangouts on Air” can do almost everything: holding a speech, virtual meetings, group or round table discussion or even online concert. Video blogs and podcasts can also take it as a new tool to carry out blog live broadcasting and interviewing.

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August 26, 2011

The New Function of Google+: Photograph and Others

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At present, the users can set their head portrait on Google+ by using cameras, in the meanwhile, the updated information will show in groups. When the Google+ image products supervisor Denise Ho mentioned the upgrades, “The webcam is quite a good choice if you want to take snapshot for boast.” She said, “If you want to have a try, you can enter ‘Edit Profile’ and choose a motion of changing photos, you can see a option ‘Web camera’ on the left side.”

“Users can choose to post the news of their information upgrades to their groups after finished Edit Profile.” She added. Google will announce the users who have passed the real-name authentication through Google+ blog; as a result, users can make sure that the people in their groups are real. The celebrity and public figures have become the first ones of the real-name authentication, and the following are the vast number of users.

Other new functions: animation notice, floating Google+ item, folding or expanding comments, games and book sharing etc.

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August 18, 2011

Google Plus VS. Twitter: Google+1 Will Defeat Twitter within One Year According to the Survey

According to the survey of Bloomberg and YouGov, the proportion of American adults who are using the latest networking services Google+ can be expected to be up to 22%, and surpassing Twitter and LinkedIn ,it can be the second largest social networking site ranks only second to FaceBook. In the meanwhile, survey shows that 30% users of Google+ and FaceBook are going to reduced hours on FaceBook, while 31% users of Google+ confessed that they have abandoned their accounts of FaceBook and have never posted on the website.

AS the survey shows, the proportion of American adults who have registered in Google+ has been to 13%, and it will increase by 9% within one year according to the predictions. In contrast, the proportion of American adult registrants on FaceBook will decrease by 2% to 69%. However, the proportion of Twitter users and LinkedIn users can be expected to increase continually (Twitter:3% and LinkedIn:2%), and their market share can be up to 20%.

During July 29th and August 2nd, it is a survey which aims at 1,003 American cyber citizens who are beyond 18 years old. The recent report of ComScore shows that there have been 2,500 users who are from all over the world have registered on Google+ after it has been lauched less than a month.

On the earnings telephone conference on July 14, the CEO of Google Larry Page pointed out that the SNS Google+ which was launched on June 28 has gotten warm responses from clients, and there are more than 10 million people have logged in it.

On June 7th, the Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has made a speech on the Press conference of Allen & Co. He pointed out that the market still has space for a few social networking sites to survive; in the meanwhile, he expected to have a further cooperation with FaceBook and Twitter. He also stressed that online video chat is a famous item on Google website, especially for the younger users. The SDP of Google and FaceBook has come due recently, and both sides are still unable to reach a consensus on the new items of the contract. Besides, although FaceBook has proposed initiatively to let Google users input the files of Google users’ friends, there are still no overlaps between both sides. Schmidt indicated that Google will try to expand the concept of “Circle of Friends” to other Google products (including search service and YouTube) if the trend is continually developing.

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August 9, 2011

iPad Supported: Google Has Unveiled Google+ iOS Upgraded Version

On Monday, Google has unveiled the upgraded version of Google+ iOS with iPad support function. The latest version of Google+ was the latest update since Google has launched a series of updated software at the end of June. These constant updates will drive the rapid increase of Google+. It has had more than 25 million users over a month.

Except the functions of iPad support and defects repairing, the new version iOS always provides some updates to common users of iOS. what the most attractive is that  some new functions have been added to the free mobile chat function “huddles” of Google+; In the applying of the new version, users can hide “huddles”, set the permission of your chat buddies and start the new functions of “huddles” on configuration tab.

Google+ has been criticized for the reason that it lacked of the iOS application when it was launched for the first time. However, Google promised that it has submitted the application program to Apple to authorize .The iPhone application program that was used in Google+ service has went in public in the middle of July. Google + increases rapidly in the free application ranking list of apple stores. At present, Google has added the function of iPad and iPod Touch support with the aim of new version software.

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August 8, 2011

Google Plus Search:Third-party Search Engine of Google Plus

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Google Plus still remains Beta version, and the official search application has not been launched so far. If users want to search the information on Google+, it is not convenient enough because they need to input “keyword site:” manually on Google search box. But there are some unofficial search applications of Google Plus at the moment, such as “Google Plus Search”.

It can directly search the posts and contacts of Google+ with the help of Google Plus Search, and it also support multiple languages. In the meanwhile, it provides the corresponding FireFox and Chrome browser extension procedures and Android mobile applications; and it is very convenient to use.

To speak of, another function of the website is that it provides real time statistics function of “Top Queries” so as to find out the current hot topics on Google+.

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July 13, 2011

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